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Land of the Free?

No description

Peter Caroline

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Land of the Free?

Land of the free, home of the brave
On April 30, 2004, a report was released by Major General Antonio Taguba, detailing the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghraib Prison Facility
Taguba's report claimed that soldiers in the 800th Military Police Brigade and the 372nd Military Police Company had illegally abused detainees in the prison, physically, mentally, and sexually
Abu Ghraib Prison is a 280 acre facility located 20 miles west of Baghdad, in Iraq
It was originally used by Saddam Hussein's regime to persecute Shias, a branch or Muslims who he thought were traitors
According to Taguba, the abuses of the detainees occurred in cell blocks 1A and 1B,
Physical Abuse
Mental Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Killed during interrogation
Soldiers took pictures with dead detainees
prisoners were punched, slapped and kicked
soldiers jumped on the naked feet of inmates
Attacked by military dogs
*Caution, the next couple of slides are fairly graphic*
One prisoner was attached to wires and made to stand on a rickety box, allegedly told that were he to fall he’d be electrocuted
Prisoners were kept naked for days
Prisoners were piled up and then jumped on
One man was kept on a leash
Guards wrote "I am a Rapest" on a prisoner with a permanent marker
Prisoners were forced to commit sexual acts on camera
One inmate had wires attached to his fingers and genitals and was electrocuted
January, 2004
Photos of humiliation are discovered
April 28, 2004
60 Minutes does a report on Abu Ghraib
April 30, 2004
Taguba's report goes public
May 6, 2004
President Bush formally apologizes to King Abdullah II of Jordan
May 7, 2004
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield testifies and takes full responsibility for the scandal
May, 2004 to January 10, 2008
The 11 soldiers and MP are tried and incarcerated.
"Obviously, the prisoners were afraid of being tortured. Torture doesn’t work if the subject doesn’t care about life, pain, or loved ones. The soldiers and MP used that fear as a way to punish who they perceived as an enemy"
"The United States government most likely feared what kind of view of the country and its military other nations would have when they heard about the scandal through the press or media"
"fear of the loss of America to foreign ideals and that same sense of nationalism possessed by the soldiers caused people to agree with or find understand the soldiers and their reasoning."
"These soldiers were persuaded by a deep sense of nationalism and drive for revenge"
" Possibly, the power given to international prison guards is too great and tempting"
"the country was also persuaded by its reputation to see that the guards were effectively punished and that the country made some attempt at an apology or recompense"
By Your's Truly
How does this make us different from a terrorist organization?
Other cases of torture, which is illegal in 136+ nations, as required by the UN?
Thanks for watching/listening

Peter Caroline
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