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WBCSD Community Hub

No description

Bill Shander

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of WBCSD Community Hub

Over 1.8 billion people
lack access to safe drinking water
Over 4 billion people
lack access to adequate sanitation
Over 80% of wastewater
is discharged without treatment in developing countries
Every 20 seconds
a child dies as a result of poor sanitation
200 million hours per day
are spent collecting water by women in Sub-Saharan Africa
200 million school days
would be gained each year if the sanitation MDGs were met
3 billion people expected
to live in cities in developing countries by 2050
USD 1 invested in water and sanitation
USD 50MM in Fertilizer
on the market in Ghana
Frequented by 50 million people
Clean electricity for 100,000 people in India
Scalable and profitable opportunity
Produce marketable products from human waste

responding to the needs and aspirations of local communities
of entrepreneurship/micro-entrepreneurship in low income countries compared to higher GDP economies
Much higher rates
Innovation & business development
Technology & consumer goods
Brand value & consumer insight
Better understanding of low income markets
Improve government and community relations
Sustainable investment
Join us in making the Community Hub part of the solution to getting 9 billion people living well and within the limits of the planet.
Tatiana Fedotova, fedotova@wbcsd.org
Joppe Cramwinckel, cramwinckel@wbcsd.org

To learn more about the business plan and implementation of the project, contact:
leads to
USD 4 in increased productivity
Franchise Model
Public-private partnership
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