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The Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession

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Lindsey Weed

on 21 November 2015

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Transcript of The Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession

The Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession
Standard Three: Assessment
Teachers understand and use varied assessments to inform instruction. evaluate and ensure student learning.
Standard Four: Instruction
Teachers plan and deliver effective instruction that advances the learning of each individual student.
Standard One: Students
Teachers understand student learning and development and respect the diversity of the students they teach.
Standard Two: Content
Teachers know and understand the content area for which they have instructional responsibility.
Teachers create learning environments that promote high levels of learning and achievement for all students.
Standard Five: Learning Environment
Standard Six:
Collaboration & Communication
Teachers collaborate and communicate with students, parents, other educators, administrators and the community to support student learning.
Teachers assume reponsibility for professional growth, performance and involvement as individuals and as members of a learning community.
Standard Seven:
Professional Responsibility & Growth
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