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Marie Curie

No description

holly pitts

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Marie Curie

Marie Curie
Lets start the journey
How did she become famous?
She became famous by researching different elements, as a result she discovered 2 new elements, Radium and Polonium. She called it Polonium after her place of birth, Poland. She won 2 Nobel Prizes, and to win two of these you must be very well experienced with the kind of work she conducted. Her Nobel Prizes were won in 1903 and 1911.
How did she treat Cancer?
Unfortunately, Pierre died 3 years after her first Prize was won, in 1906. He was run over by a horse and cart on a busy street, but she still didn't stop working. She started to help make portable x-rays, for the ambulances, which she taught the others to drive. Soon enough, she was asked to be the head of the International Red Cross Radiological Service, however, despite her success, many men in France began to grow angry. As she was a lady, she wasn't paid a shilling for any of the work she did. In 1802, 1 year before she won the prize, she discovered that cancer cells were destroyed by Radium.
Where did she work?
Marie conducted most of her experiments in a shed, until she was recruited by the Red Cross' radiological station. Many male scientists were angered at this, as she was a lady. If she were a man, she would have received a lot more thanks and congratulations from the males.
The death of Marie
Around the 1920s she was seriously ill because of all the radiation she worked with. She died on the 4th of July 1934 of Leukaemia. The Marie Curie cancer care is very famous to this day.
Who was Marie Curie?
Marie Curie was born in 1897, in Poland. She was a Physicist and also a Chemist, which is someone who works with Chemistry. She was married to a man called Pierre,who also studied Physics.
<-This would be the work Marie would do.
By Holly Pitts
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