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Spain 1960

No description

jeiser cruz

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Spain 1960

Soccer 1960
Andrey Arshavin
Lev Yashin
Yashin, who died of stomach cancer in 1990, helped the club's ice hockey team to win the Soviet Cup in 1953.
To this day, Yashin remains the only goalkeeper to have won the award. It been reconize him by his hard work in soccer.
Andrey Arshavin
Best player
The best player
Arshavin became the first player in English football to score four goals away from home since 1946. It was his showings at Euro 2008 that alerted the world to his talent.
His life
Is the impact that Yashin had on the game, the World Cup award for the tournament's best goalkeeper is named after him. He was also named in the World Cup's All-Star Team of all time and the FIFA Dream Team.
Best goalkeeper for spain
He was one of the best players that play whit England. He made it to the premier league.
The pint-sized 32-year-old made the biggest impression in April 2009 when he scored all four of the North Londoner's goals in a 4-4 draw with Liverpool at Anfield
He scored 17 goals
Andrey Arshavin
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