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Christian Hopkins

No description

Kylee Horstman

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Christian Hopkins

"I was never all that good with words..."
"The Forgotten"
Hopkins copes with his major depression and his other affective disorders by taking these haunting self-portraits.
Hopkins suffered a severe bout of depression and intended to delete all of photographs.
His roommate, Redditor
, quickly posted them all on the internet.
Since his images made it to the web, Hopkins admitted that he was glad they had not been deleted.
He says...
"...that's why I take pictures."
"Photography was a form of therapy. Probably saved my life."
One of Hopkins' most notable works is his "5 Stages of Grief"
Hopkins attempts each of these photographs on separate days
i.e. Day 1, Stage 1; Day 2, Stage 2; etc.
The 5 Stages of Grief
Christian Hopkins
Christian Hopkins has not yet created a work entitled Acceptance.
In my opinion, I do not believe that he will ever create one.
Accepting mental illness is something most people will never do.
and Acceptance.
This work combines Hopkins' ability to take stunning self-portraits and create surreal environments.
The environment he creates in this photo is a perfect portrayal of what he experienced in his battle with depression.
From personal experience, suffering from depression feels like a dark cloud consuming your entire body from the inside out.
“Darkness does not leave us easily as we would hope.”
–Margaret Stohl.
Instead of creating a surreal environment, Hopkins uses his own body to create a feeling of torture and loneliness.
After noticing that the shadows and markings on his back were actually hands, it really brought the definition of "a monster inside me" into reality.
Against the pale blue background, his white body with the dark shadows and stretch marks of fingers and palms stand out remarkably, forcing the viewer to look and feel as uncomfortable and as tortured as he did/does.

Inner Demons
"The Mirror of Erised"
Another series of his that I could find is entitled "The Spirit Set"
"A name I made up right now because I can't think of anything appropriate to describe photographs of me throwing a scarf around my living room without any clothes on...."
Spirit Set
"The Angel"
"The Archangel"
"The Martyr"
Born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 21 (12/17/1992)
As of 2011 or 2012, Hopkins was on a medical leave of absence from studying Biochemistry.
His first camera was a point-and-shoot Canon Powershot
Hopkins has never once taken a photography class.
"Masquerader's Dream"
All photographs used in this presentation are ©Christian Hopkins.
Some photos do not have titles because they are not titled or I could not find them.

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Hopkins' art has been said to reveal
"a vulnerability that anyone can relate to...such as insomnia, bipolar disorder, and loneliness."
"Christian Hopkins’ photographs are a reflection of the dark thoughts and feelings swirling around in his mind."
"Graphic, conceptual and therapeutic, Hopkins' self-portraits communicate a subjective haunting that is mesmerizing in its subjects of torture, self-loathing and concomitant loneliness."
"Inner Demons"
"Worn Facade"
Hopkins' work can be found on flickr (Capt. Truffles), reddit, and imgur; he has been featured in many articles on photography websites such as My Modern Met, Juxtapox Magazine, 34 Street Magazine, and Yahoo News.
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