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Yearbook Summary

One Great Year

Noah Barrett

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Yearbook Summary

YearBook Reviw I have gained much knowledge from this year about and about my myself classmates. Mrs. Odonnell you have taught me about Buiness, Responsiblity, & the keys you need to become successful I will use these skills for the rest of my life. Even through the hard times your words lead us to come through and complete what most of us thought was impossible. You never gave up on us no matter how bad it looked having to deal with annoying teachers and the principal, But you never said we couldn't do it and for that I'll always remember you. Your encouraging words (even though the were sometimes Loud) touched me so deeply it made me think i could be a better student all together. Even through severe health problems you came back to help us and your students I think everyone will agree you have sacrificed much for your students.
Thank You, Sincerly Your Student Noah Barrett. Student Descriptions Tiffany Do- Nice
Zahira Haroon- Outgoing
Shareeza Jobe- Thoughtful
Mera Mohler- Entergetic
Saarah Eoonious- Brilliant
Daisy Bisram- Athletic
Christian Alverado- Cheerful
Emiley Dwarka- Entertaining
Kaitlyn Honstead- Curious
Stephanie Richards- Kind
Charlie Bailey- Spontaneous Sorry Michelle dont know how to spell last name Sorry For Those I missed :( The Good We had much encouragement
Friendly towards each other
Helpful towards one another
Good enviroment
Many Hard-Workers A lot of personality
Many Friends Very Talkative Forgetful Pity Fights Lacie Breaking Irratation Stress YearBook By Noah Barrett bad, and Ugly
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