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Why Write?

Introductory Powerpoint about the reason for writing. 6th grade

Mrs. Aulick

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of Why Write?

One Middle School Student's Answer:
What's Ahead...
Starting Points for Writing
To Explore Your Life
(cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio
To Understand New Ideas
To Show Learning
Why Write?
Mr. Gibson made Randy my lab partner. I thought, "Great!
I have to work with one of the biggest goof-offs in school."

One day my "partner" was absent. Mr. Gibson said that
Randy and his older brother were beekeepers, and they
were getting in a new shipment of bees. Randy,
a beekeeper? I couldn't believe it.

That night I wrote about Randy in my journal.
The more that I wrote, the more I began to understand
him. He may not have liked school very much, but he
still was learning a lot. He just did some of it in
his own way.
Reasons to Write
Starting Points for Writing
Writing in a personal journal helps you learn about yourself. pg. 432-433
Writing in a learning log helps you become a better student. pg. 435
Teachers assign paragraphs, essays, and reports to see how well you are learning.
To Share Ideas
You write personal narratives (true stories), made-up stories, and poems. You share these with classmates.
(telling what a topic looks like, sounds like, tastes like, smells like, and so on)
(tell about something that happened)
(sharing information)
(expressing your argument or claim about a topic)
Your Turn!
Write nonstop for 5 minutes about something that happened to you yesterday or today. Write for the entire time. If you get stuck, write "I'm stuck" until something comes to mind. When you finish, you will have written a lot and learned something about yourself. Congratulations!
2. As a group you will have 3 minutes to talk among yourselves to come up

3. When the timer rings, you must move to the next group in a clockwise rotation until every group has had a chance to walk through each station. Once your group is done, be seated.
Writing Carousel
1. There are four stations in the room
with as many topics related to the specific
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