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P3 dissemination

'kick off' meeting Dortmund

Stuart Mitchell

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of P3 dissemination

Dissemination what we plan to disseminate when how why to whom – the message - the audience - the purpose - the method - the timing focus on clear, simple messages
get the right message to the right audience
coordinate messages within and across programme the message the audience why will stakeholders be interested in, or affected by, the project and what will their stake be? we will use dissemination to inform and engage stakeholders, and get them to buy into the project the purpose raise awareness – let others know what we are doing
inform – educate the community
engage – get input/feedback from the community
promote – ‘sell’ the outputs and results the method website
conference presentations
online discussions
journal articles
reports the timing deciding when different dissemination activities will be most relevant
varying the messages during the time frame of the project For example,
- at the start, focusing on awareness of the project, - at the end on ‘selling’ achievements WP3 Dissemination and Valorisation „Learn to teach by social web“ Gloucestershire College
Royal Forest of Dean – kick off meeting in Dortmund, 9th/10th Jan. 2013 L2T L2T Learn to Teach by Social Web
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