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Alison VanDusen

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Demeaning of Work Barry Schwartz Work The "Official Ideology" Making a Career Finding your Calling Having a Job Market Realisim "While it is true that work is a means to
many of the things we value, it is also
true that work is valuable in itself. While
it is true that we work to live, it is also
true that we live to work" (Schwartz 129). People want to have work that is:
socially valued
filled with people they enjoy If you had the chance to never work again, and still provide for yourself and your family, would you?

The "official ideology" states that, despite
our desire to want more from our work than just a paycheck, people would not work if they did not have to.

This ideology is FALSE. We want to experience work that is meaningful, challenging, and fulfilling. No meaning
Doing it simply for the paycheck
Not challenging
Little social value

Ex) Working at McDonalds because, hey,
its money. Opportunity to advance
Going somewhere in life
Not everyone has the chance to move up
It takes away from your social life
Less satisfaction
Most fail to reach aspirations Products of work satisfy
Doing something of value

Ex) Working at McDonalds, knowing you are providing cheap, delicious food to make things simpler for modest, two-job families, and enjoying doing something of value for others. Market activity, buying and selling, requires labor mobility
People work for money, are willing to trade up, and the system runs smoothly
Mobility requires "deskilling" of labor to prevent losing major investment
Modern workplace causes loss of challenge, meaning, and significance
Work is now nothing but a job Making Work A Calling Create a consumer co-op; focus on the customers, not the money
Becoming involved in the product
Take responsibility for product
Using skills to get more out of work

Essentially, turning control over to the workers
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