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Change Detectives

No description

Angna Patel

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Change Detectives

Change Detective
Salt in Water
When bicarb soda and tartaric acid are put in water it caused the glass to fizz up this is because the bicarb soda and the tartaric acid began to react with the water.It cannot be reversible because the added ingredients have dissovled and mixed with the water.This is a chemical change because the water had started to make a reaction to the bicarb soda and the tartaric acid.
The chocolate over heated for too long therefore it was burnt. It cannot be reversed because the chemical that made up the chocolate had changed.The burnt chocolate was a chemical change because the block chocolate changed into a new substance.
Bicarb soda and tartaric acid reacting in water.
perfume evaporates when sprayed. Perfume is a liquid , it cannot be frozen because perfume contains alcohol, which will prevent it from freezing. it can't be reversible once it is sprayed. It is a physical change because the chemical constitution of the perfume has not changed when evaporated.
The salt absorbed into the water and it began to dissolve.After it dissolved it became very cloudy.This is not reversible because the salt cannot be removed from the water when it it is already dissolved.It was a chemical change because the salt had absorbed into the water and had created something new.
The candle had burnt because of the flame. And the wax was melted by the heat of the flame. It can't be reversed because the wick had already been burned and can't be changed to a new wick or candle. It is a chemical change because the wick inside the candle had burnt.
The chocolate has been melted by exposed heat,so it will become a liquid.It is reversible by putting it in the freezer.It is a physical change because the chocolate had gone from a solid to a liquid.

Melted Choclate
Burnt Chocolate
When the tablet was added to the water it began to fizz and change the water content. It can't be reversible because the chemicals have already changed. It is a chemical change because when the tablet released into the water, the water content had changed as well as the colour.
Fizzing Berocca
The icy-poles were frozen because it was in the freezer, it can be reversible by exposing heat.It is a physical change because only the state of the icy-poles were changed.
The liquid had changed from a liquid to a solid by freezing it. This can be reversible by adding heat. This is a physical change because the milk had only changed its state and appearance.
Frozen Milk
I have learn't alot from doing these experiments. And i also now know what
a physical and a chemical change is.

physical change: is when something is changed on the outside.
chemical chnage: is when something has changed everything.

By Angna Patel
Thanks for watching!!!
Extra infomation

: Solids are usually hard,because their molecules have been packed together.
:A liquid is a sample of matter that conforms to the shape of a container in which it is held, it is also very flowy.
:An air-like fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available.
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