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Geography of the Middle East

World Cultures

Vivian Lewis

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Geography of the Middle East

Geography The Middle East: Anatolian Plateau Iranian Plateau 4. Nile Valley 2. Arabian Peninsula 5. The Maghreb Connects Asia & Europe
Surrounded by Pontic & Taurus Mountains
Fertile soil = farming = ???
Ottoman Empire Ringed by Elburz & Zagros Mountain Ranges
Dry region = ???
Persian Empire was founded here! 1/3 the size of the U.S.
Borders on the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, & Persian Gulf
Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the region
Small population despite the size of the Peninsula
Huge oil reserves = $$$
Birthplace of Islam
Oasis: fertile desert area that has enough water to support plant and animal life Cradle of ancient civilization
Deserts in East & West offer protection from invaders
Flooding is predictable and dependable
Trade linked Ancient Egyptians with people of the Fertile Crescent Region Maghreb = "western isle"
Includes several North African countries
Physical Features
Scarcity of water = few inhabitants
Crossroads for traders
Gateway to the Atlantic 1. Northern Tier Stretches across Turkey & Iran
Region of mountains & plateaus 3. The Fertile Crescent Arc-shaped region that stretches from eastern Mediterranean along the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers, to the Persian Gulf Atlas Mountains Sahara Desert Jubail Desalination Plant
Largest in the World! Oil Extraction
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