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I hunt killers plot diagram

No description

john sejud

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of I hunt killers plot diagram

I hunt killers plot diagram
Rising action
Falling action
jazz is watching police at a crime scene 3
jazz is living alone with his grandmother and takes care of her 55
jazz thinks theirs a serial killer in lobos node 15
jazz tries to catch the serial killer
jazz tries to get his friends to help him
the serial killer kills multiple people
jazz's girlfriend tries to get him to visit his father in prison 141
jazz visits his father in prison 294
jazz's father gives him advice on how to catch the serial killer 310
the serial killer comes to jazz's house and tries to get him to kill his grandmother
jazz's friends save him from the serial killer
jazz's father escapes from prison
the serial killer is arrested
jazz's dad kills jazz's caseworker so jazz can stay with his grandmother
jazz promised himself he would catch his father.
jazz's caseworker is trying to put jazz in a foster home
jazz's father left him a note saying he might see him soon 353
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