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No description

sydney bement

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Morocco

From berber
and from
means "extreme west".
Colonized by Spain and France in 1912
Moroccan Resources
Problems that arose after Independence
Historical Events
Moroccan Flag
Traditional colors
Star represents the Five Pillars of Islam
Islamic because of Arabic influence
Earlier Names and Origin
In Arabic
al-mamlakah al-maghribiyyah
means "kingdom of the west"
Morocco used to be named this
Natural resources:
Direct rule
-Spanish gained control of Morocco's iron mines
Allowed the Sultan to rule
Took advantage of their natural resources
Caused France's and Spain's economy to grow as well as Moroccos
In April 1911 Germany gave their approval for occupation of the city Fez
In 1912 Morocco became a
French Protectorate
Lyautey And Protectorate
He wanted to civilize Moroccan Society and educate it
He was favored and suceeded in maintiaing Moroccan society
Acquistion Of Independence
France and Spain relinquished their protectorate's on Morocco
Morocco was celebrated and recognized as their own independent country
First Moroccan Crisis
Germany on one side
France with British support on the other side
Germany supported Moroccan independence

Rebellion broke out in Morocco (City of Fez), against the Sultan
French sent forces to contain protests, wanting to protect only European life and property.
Sunni Muslim
Agadir Crisis

Ilegal drug smuggling into Western Europe

Conflict between Algeria and Morocco

Conflict between Spain and Morroco over the owner of Perejil Island
Current Government
Morocco was organized as an Islamic state
The indigenous Berber population was converted to Islam by the Arabs
Constitutional monarchy
Muslim Conquest-7th century AD
Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branch
Current Economy
Generaly stable economy

Low labor costs

High unemployment rate
Current Event
Since 2014 Moroccan authorities have blocked over 15 meetings that the Human Rights Association wanted to hold
Even though Morocco is an independent country, they still have connection to their colonial past because their human rights are still being withheld from them by authority
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Iron Ore
By: Sydney Bemnet & Jayla Hepler
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