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Deforestation In Brazil

No description

trey parisi

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Deforestation In Brazil

Enviromental Issues
My opinion is that deforestation will always happen, but we need to reduce the amount of trees we cut down. For every tree we cut down we lose a bit of oxygen on the Earth. Deforestation in the rain forest is also leading to the extinction of many animals.
So far we are at 76.26% with is great compared to were we where ten years ago.
Deforestation In Brazil
Deforestation in Brazil
The definition of deforest: to
clear an area of trees or a forest.

People in Brazil are destroying
the Amazon Rain Forest.

1) To sell wood for money.

2) To clear land for farming and

3) To mine for mineral resources.

The government installed a law in October of last year that states 80% of land privately owned in the amazon must stay intact.
The government is trying to stop illegal mining in the rain forest.

Indigenous people protest about the law that says that white ranchers can claim & develop land in the amazon.
Indigenous Protestors
They walked to Brasilia, Rio De
Janeiro & other major cities.
They carried weapons like
bows, arrows & spears.
Around 93,000 square miles of Amazon rainforest—an area nearly as large as the United Kingdom—were destroyed by deforestation between 2000 and 2010.
However, the percentage of trees cut down has risen 28% since 2012.
The worst year was 2004 which there was 10,425 square miles destroyed.
As more trees are removed from the rainforest, there will be fewer trees to remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by the process of photosynthesis. The global carbon dioxide level is expected to increase in the greenhouse effect.
The less trees there are, the less rain will be produced in the Amazon Rainforest, disrupting established animal & plant cycles.
Thousands of animal species are becoming endangered due to loss of habitat.
Deforestation causes loss of soil fertility. The vegetation that was cleared protected the soil from leaching & run off. This causes erosion in which nutrients are washed away, causing the soil to be less fertile.
Also, the soil run off ruins the ecology and balance in the rivers, steams & lakes where it ends up.
Non-Indigenous Protestors
The currency has dropped 9.7% in the past year.
Which means, after you destroy & convert the rainforest to farming and ranching land, you can make a bigger profit by selling farming & ranching commodities.

The real is now at 2.3 per dollar. The farmers make a bigger profit than before when the real was at 1.5 per dollar. The lower real creates more demand for commodities in Brazil.
Deforestation is good for the economy because the economy gets money from selling the resources and commodities from the farms & ranches.
All these things encourage more deforestation to make more farms & ranches.
In 2009, the Brazilian Government made a goal to reduce 80% of the level per year of deforestation by 2020.
We are doing better but we can always improve upon it.
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The government has constructed highways & hydroelectric dams in the Amazon Rain Forest.
In 2011, protestors staged an event in front of embassies & consulates around the world. They protested the construction of the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Dam, which they say will destroy much of the Amazon rainforest.
(Taipei Times, Birdwatch)
In London, protesters arranged an ‘International Day of Action’ to highlight the damage that will be done to Amazon rainforest.
Brazil will soon begin to use satellite monitoring technology to see & catch illegal logging & deforestation & issue fines.
Of the rainforest's 2.4 million square miles, 63 percent is in Brazil.
Things had been steadily improving since 2004.
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