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Electricity in Grade 2

No description

Nikita Poirier

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Electricity in Grade 2

Hands-On Inquiry Lesson
By Nikita Poirier Grade 2 Electricity Cooperative Learning Timer.

Materials Manager.


Recorder. How to Start? How does our classroom get electricity?
What uses electricity in our classroom?
What is the differences between lightbulbs?
Who gives us electricity?
How does Jackman-ICS get electricity?
How is electricity dangerous?
Is lightening electricity? Circuits & Batteries Static Electricity True or false: batteries store electricity? True or false: electricity is something new to scientists Book Search True or False: 7 year old kids do not know a lot about electricity? Listening to their questions Spark their Curiosity let them explore Electrical Inventions Looks like... Sounds like... Feels like... Little Inventors at Work Using Prior Knowledge and Hypothesis Testing Safety First Classroom Safety Reports Station 3: Repel vs. Attraction Challenge Procedural Writing Experimental Design Making Predictions Station 1: Make your hand stand up without hair gel Station 2: Pick it up Station 4: Make it Stick Take it Home Adaptations:

Since some of the students can not tell time, a digital count down was displayed on the boards

Verbal warnings were also given Adaptations:

Since some of the kids can not tell time, we provided a digital countdown on the Smartboard

Verbal warnings were also given close to the end Little Scientists " It crushes cars and reuses the materials (less garbage)" Crusher O-Matic: Crushes Cars Solar Panel " It's tested. It powers your batteries. The light goes to the tinfoil, to the wires that powers your batteries." Lightening Battery Power " A battry pawer uper, if it hits any part of electrisede it turns the battery on forever" Challenge Stations
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