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Ellen A

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Poverty

Poverty in Ottawa
(Based on 2006 Census)
World Poverty Statistics (2010)
1.22 billion people live on less than $1.25/day
2.4 billion people live on less than $2.00/day
870 million are malnourished (decreasing)
Poverty in East Asia is decreasing
Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa is increasing
Life expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa is 56


Close your eyes...
1. What is poverty?

2. What causes poverty?

3. What are the challenges with overcoming poverty?
World Bank Mission Statement

“Our dream is a world free of poverty.”

Wealth Inequalities

Canada’s Gifts to the World (2011)
$5.5 billion in total assistance
$501 million in humanitarian assistance
Canada was the seventh largest donor of official humanitarian assistance in 2011
Canada’s official development assistance (ODA) was equal to 0.3% of Canada’s gross national income (GNI) in 2011
GNI rank in 2011: 11 of 214

What do you think?
First World countries have an obligation to help Third World countries with funds and assistance in cases of hunger and poverty. This is true because of the First World's advantageous position attained by its exploiting the resources of the Third World in the past and present.

Further Questions
How will world poverty be affected by climate change?

How will world poverty be affected by globalization?

1 in 5 children live below the low income cut off

70.2% of 15 – 24 year olds who do not live with their family lived in poverty in 2005

15.2% of the general population lived in poverty (before tax) Compare this to:

• 25.3 % of Aboriginal identity residents
• 22.7% of immigrants
• 43.4% of recent immigrants (arrived 2001 to 2006)
• 30.5 % of visible minority residents (49,265 individuals)
• 21% of people with disabilities.
• 16% of Francophones (24,030 individuals)

Poverty as Illness:
The Changing Face of Poverty in Canada:
"Fundamentally, poverty is a denial of choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity. It means lack of basic capacity to participate effectively in society. It means not having enough to feed and clothe a family, not having a school or clinic to go to, not having the land on which to grow one's food or a job to earn one's living, not having access to credit. It means insecurity, powerlessness and exclusion of individuals, households and communities. It means susceptibility to violence, and it often implies living on marginal or fragile environments, without access to clean water or sanitation." - UN
TVO Why Poverty:
Poverty in Canada QUIZ
1. What percentage of Canadians state "they would be in financial difficulty if their pay cheque was delayed by a week"? (Canadian Payroll Association)
Canada Without Poverty:
UNESCO Poverty:
Income poverty: when a family's income fails to meet a federally established threshold that differs across countries
Extreme poverty: living off less than $1 a day
Absolute poverty: lack of basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter
Relative poverty: members of society are poor if they fall below prevailing standards of living in a given society
2. Poverty affects how many Canadians?
1 million
3 million
6 million
3. What percentage of children are in poverty in Canada?
4. What percentage of jobs created since 2008 are temporary positions?
5. What percentage of Ontario students who drop out of high school live in families earning less than $30,000 a year?
6. How many Ontarians use Food Banks?
1 in 9
1 in 18
1 in 33
Initiatives and Organizations
How do we teach students about poverty?
The Homeless Hub:
Ten Things You Might Not Know About Poverty in Canada:
World Bank:
How can students take action?
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