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Research Paper Prezi

Transcendental Meditation

Ash Natarajan

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of Research Paper Prezi

What is this? It is what your lover gave you when you guys broke up. You were so devastated. Remember? So, what are you going to do now? Go face deep into a tub of New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream and watch old "That 70s Show" reruns? Come on. This picture of a daisy makes you depressed? Well, a method can help you let your perception of this flower not be influenced by your thoughts. Instead of seeing the sorry face of your ex-lover, you will see a bright, white daisy in all its simplicity. It is called Transcendental Meditation TM is a meditation technique that allows one to re-educate his senses to percieve unbiasedly and from an open mind, reducing one's mental and physiological stress in the process. Pure Consciousness is when the thoughts are separated from perception; perception develops from the source of thought, not the thought itself The goal of TM practice After practicing TM for a couple of weeks, take a second look at how you perceive this is. Afterall, you are not the emotionally unstable wreck you were before. Alas, you are capable of perceiving independently from your thoughts! You now perceive this picture as a simple daisy, not a reason to spend an evening dedicated to self-pity alone with a tub of ice cream s. Because essentially, all of our problems stem from the same place: mental and physical instability. Rejuvenate your body Transform your life Re-educate your senses Transcendental Meditation “Before you start meditating, your sense itself is very localized, your room, your friends, your school...When you transcend, you realize the world is like your family...The thoughts you have and the decisions you make are always in terms of something much larger” -Dr. Fred Travis But this acheivement is minute in terms of what TM lets one experience. Transcendental Meditation
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