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Edmodo: Classroom Networking

Learn about Edmodo and it's many features.

Amy Stanley

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Edmodo: Classroom Networking

What is it?
Edmodo is a safe classrom microblogging site that can only be accessed by teachers and their students.
Here are the many feautures of Edmodo
Teachers can post assignments, alerts, polls, and can directly message students so only the one student sees it!
Students can only message all the other students, themselves, and the teachers, to eliminate cyberbullying.
There can be more than one teacher in the group!
It's kind of like a kid-friendly Facebook, but there are no games.
Students can post files onto the page, which is useful for reading papers to the class.
The teacher can change any student's password, for any reason.
It could be because they weren't using Edmodo the way they were supposed to, so the teacher changes his/her password to prevent him/her to get on the class Edmodo page.
It could be because the student requested a password change, so the teacher changes they're password.
There are many more reasons to change a password but I'm just giving examples.
So here's more....
Where students type their messages. The "library" is where all your files and links are stored after you post them once.
The Edmodo logo
The "spotlight", which contains assignments that are due, new grades, replies to messages, etc.
For more info, go here:
Teachers sign up here
Get your school code to join!
Students sign up here
They will need a code to join
your Group!
Psst..... it's webpage is just edmodo.com
Be sure to get permission from parents
before you begin! It's user agreement is 13+
Need more help: https://support.edmodo.com/home#teacher

Join my group to give it a try:
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