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Protecting groups


bismarck magtoto

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Protecting groups

What's the purpose of protecting groups? -blocks reactive sites from unwanted/side reactions Expectations of protecting groups Can be selected for removal Stable to conditions of following steps Easy and inexpensive to introduce and remove High yielding + +

+ Trityl Silyl Base deprotecting group (acetyl) Cyanoethyl -removed using acid
during synthesis/post-
-stable to base -blocks 2' from unwanted reactions
-protects RNA during deprotection
-stable to base and acid
-removed post-synthetically
using fluoride source -ensures that phosphorus stays neutral during synthesis
-stable to acid
-removed by base post-synthetically 3 main protecting groups stable RNA is now degraded due to base cleavage -exocylic amine protection
-stable to acid
-removed post-synthesis
with base
-2 types: Standard and Mild Acetyl Derivative -found on 2' of RNA support
-removed post-synthesis with base Next presenter: Eric Arnold
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