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No description

Allyson Weissman

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Frozen

the movie
the funny people
The Trolls
The trolls help Anna heal her heart from Else's mistake. Christophe lives with the trolls and whent hey are witht he trolls Anna and Christophe realize they love each other.
the ice seller
After Else runs away, Anna goes and tries to find her. Anna approaches Christophe and he helps Anna find Else.
the reindeer
Sphene is Christophe's pet and best friend. Sphene is Christophe's only friend because he is never around people because he is an ice seller. Sometimes Christophe would make sphene talk.
the antagonist

Anna never gets to play with her sister because of a tragic accident. She finds out that her sister has powers after a party where Else's powers went out of control. Else put Anna and the village in forever winter.
They all have an adventerous journey to find Else. Until Else freezes Anna's heart.
if you want to know what happens watch Frozen yourself
Else is the queen and she has magical powers to freeze things.
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