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Wall-E Scene Analysis

No description

Harvinderpal Singh

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Wall-E Scene Analysis

Captain a hero that fights with auto and shut Auto down and take back the power of the ship. Auto a villain character but auto had a order that stop the Captain go back to earth. also put people in danger Wall-E The main character in the movie but wasn't too important in this scene the function is ready to get squash. Eva also a main character she did a lot of stuff like carrying Wall-E around, finding the plant, and stopping the train from falling onto people. Robots sub characters they were helping the main characters John Mary Just sub characters; their function is saving the children The people on the ship- also sub characters they just make the scene situation better. Settings The ship is a constructed environment.
The scene takes place on the bridge of the ship and by the pool. The autopilot is trying to prevent the captain from tracing the plant back to Earth.
Green represents good and red represents bad. The plant and the button are green and the place where they put the plant is green. Auto’s eye is red. Objects There are many elements observe in this scene. The elements that are observed in this scene is Auto, Robots, Captain, Humans that rely on technology, and the plant that’s inside the shoe. Not all elements are treated the same way, the shoe in the scene is highlighted because its their only hope of going to Earth. Auto wants to destroy the plant so they would be no Earth, while the captain wants to go back to Earth which causes them to fight. Auto wants the world to be controlled by Technology. This scene is full of destruction because of the fight between the Captain and Auto. The captain wants thinks that Earth is the way to go and i think he’s tired of being controlled by technology. Mood (and Conclusion) Presentation by Richie, Thuan, Hantz, Peng, Alan,
Harvinderpal Characters Zooming - The camera often zooms in on a certain object to have the audience focus and realize the importance of the object in the scene.
Focus - The camera can also change focus in the same shot from object to object or character to character to change the views and perspectives of the audience. Ex. - Focus changes from Auto to the Captain when he stood up for the first time.
We also get a glimpse of how auto sees through his eye. He can only see in red, which is a symbol of evil and control. This scene also adds suspense for the audience.

This scene composes of a combination of both fixed moving camera scenes.
Fixed - When the director wants to show snapshots or quick glimpses of a moment. These quick moments help the audience get a better understanding of the whole scene. the most tense scene in the film, the climax
the fate of mankind is being decided
although it is a children’s theme, humor tends to break up the tension

Auto has dimmed the lights in the bridge, making an overall dark tone the captain fights Auto, in an attempt to return humanity back to Earth tension is built up throughout the scene, making the viewer feel on edge
Wall-E is almost crushed, Auto almost succeeds...
but then the Captain wins, tensions gone, relief
the director is successful making this scene tense and dynamic, the pivotal point of the film
epic music to go along with it Wall-E is a family-friendly romance film set in a dystopian future with environmental degradation as its setting
what this scene does well is that it sets up the tension well
with bits of humor to keep the scene grounded as a family film
Conclusion what this scene does in the climax, is the revolution of man
when humanity finally takes back reins from the greater power "the man"
it is when the captain got off the floaty chair and decided to walk for the first time; to take back the future from Auto, BNL, el presidente etc.
they didn't want to float in space anymore; they would go back to Earth and return it to normal, green earth

that limit, that PG rating, does block the film from being even more profound
having a fairy-tale ending and animated characters doesn’t allow the effect flow through efficiently taking away parts of the “kid film’ would make the message so much clearer and more potent
the film would make its message much clearer by not choosing a family-friendly film as its medium
this is up to interpretation though Moving - When the director wants to show the movement of an object or character in the scene. It is also used to show a bigger or a better view a of the scene.
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