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By: Ashley Feffer and Lauren Ficko

Ashley Feffer

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Sexting

What is it?
Sexting is the use of text messages
that include, inappropriate photographs
or messages. How does it affect people?
Sexting is a form of pornography, which is
an illegal act, therefore, if the text message was
exposed, the people involved can face many
consequences. Consequences:
1. The charge of producing, possessing or distributing child pornography.
2. Emotional damage if the photo was exposed.Emotional effects can cause the victim to act, for instance, committing suicide.
3. You can go to jail or a juvenile center, faced with felony charges, which will remain on your record forever.
20% of all teenagers have sent
or posted nude pictures or videos
of themselves.
39% of all teenagers have sent or
posted sexually suggestive messages.
48% of all teenagers claimed to have recieved
a message.
44% of all teenagers say it is common for
these messages to be shared with people other
than the intended recipient.
12% of teen girls felt pressured to send sexually
suggestive messages, or images. Tips to prevent sexting:
1. Think about the consequences you will
faced with, including humiliation and felony
2. Never take images of yourself that you wouldn't
want everyone to see, including classmates, teachers,
family or employers.
3. Remember, you can not control where the message
or image may travel.
4. If you forward a picture of someone underage you
are responsible for the image, and can face child
pornography charges.
5. Report any pictures you may recieve to an adult you
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