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soul eater bio

No description

ben groom

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of soul eater bio

the bio on soul eater
by Ben groom/death the kid. The D.W.M.A The D.W.M.A stands for Death Weapon Mister Academy
It is the school that weapon and misters learn to fight the keashin form bringing madness to the world.
If a mister and a weapon get 99 keashon souls and one witch soul then they upgrade to a higher position in eating souls.
If a fault with eating the souls then they will be confiscated then you have to start all over again.
To call lord death 4242564 to knock on death door. Students of the D.W.M.A. Their is 7 main characters in the story there is Maka Albarn,Soul Eater Evans, black star ,Tsubaki Nakatsukasa,death the kid,Patty Thompson,Liz Thompson. Maka albarn Maka is a mister for the D.W.M.A. she is a hard working student and when she fights she never quits she has a death scythe Soul Evans and she has witch hunter, genie hunter, and keashen hunter.At the end she find that she is a weapon and a mister.she likes to hit people with books. Soul Evans Soul is a weapon at the D.W.M.A.and he is a death scythe with a red and black blade. He is maka partner and he eats the souls but mostly his main concerns are being cool and looking at Blairs boobs. He also drives a motorcycle . he has black blood. black star Black star is a one track mind he is a mister he has a sword, ninja star, and sickles .he came from a assassin family that were called white stars and they killed any one in sight and he was the last of the clan and call himself black star.soon later he found Tsubaki and became weapon and mister he like to push to the limits. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa Tsubaki is a shy girl an she is a weapon of many types she is a ninja star she is a sword she is a sickle. Tsubaki was a child with no personalty she only did what other wan ted to do and her brother became a bad guy later but then she found black star . Tsubaki likes to help others and is a grate cook. Death the Kid Death the kid is the son of lord death the leader of the D.W.M.A. mainly he is in 2ND in command .Kid has 2 Beretta's as weapons Liz and Patty.Kid is overly obsessed with semtetry . Liz and Patty/ the Thomson sisters Liz and Patty where born on the streets of death city they new how to get what they wanted by force then one day they saw Kid walking the streets and became partner because Kid loved two of the same things an how they work together. Teachers of the D.W.M.A DR. Stine DR. Stine was the most arguably the best mister in the D.W.M.A..Stine is death scythe best friend and death scythe is Stine man weapon.soon later the keashon makes him mad and soon recovers at the end.he likes to race in his rolling chair. spirit alburn Death scythe is a player that cheated on Maka mother and he is one of lord death weapons and he gets reaper chopped allot. he is Maka father. Sid Sid is a teacher of the D.W.M.A and he died but he is a zombie and he dose not die .His weapon is a bowie knife and it is a girl. and he always thinks of the past when he was alive. weapons of lord death Justin Law Justin Law is a guillotine and one of deaths weapons he dos not need a partner because he can be a weapon and a mister.Justin loves music and he can speak lips. Marie Mjolnir Marie is a sludge hammer and one of death weapons. She is very nervous when in an argument and she cares for every body but mostly Stine because she falls in love with him. Yumi Azusa Yumi is a character in Soul Eater. She is one of the Death Scythes, her weapon form being a crossbow/rifle weapon, specializing in long range espionage. villains Medusa Gorgon Medusa is one of the main villains in Soul Eater. She is a witch who seeks the revival of the Kishin.she takes a little girl body called Rachel Boyd. Medusa has a child Chrona she has black blood also Medusa was working for the school under cover as the school nurse Arachne Arachne is the spider queen and she was a prison for 40 years and comes back for revenge and steels the keashen from the D.W.M.A Giriko He is a chainsaw weapon without a meister, and has a rivalry with Justin Law.he is the spider Queens apprentice in the story. Mosquito A servant of Arachne, he is a vampiric character who has the power to transform back to how his body looked when he was younger and stronger. Mifune Mifune is a "strong soul" samurai who has a love for children.Soon later he became a teacher Masamune Tsubaki's older brother and posses the shadow sword. Eruka Frog/ Mizune Eurka is a witch helping Medusa with her plans and she has a partner named Mizune and when Medusa found out something she got 1000 snakes in her body but both of witches are very clumsy and dumb. Free Free is a prisoner at the D.W.M.A an he has been there 200 because he has a witches eye and has power and he is pat wolf and very dysfunctional bonus people Excalibur/Fools The legendary partner who has a long history. Able to connect with any user. He goes unused because no one can stand his rules or his obnoxious personality. Fools Ragnarok Ragnarok is the person that we all know and love Crona Crona is Medusa's child and hope to create a new Kishin, and wields the black blood weapon and she dose not know how to deal with things. Little Demon guy Little Demon is the personification of Soul's insanity brought on by the Black Blood he was infected with. best of all Blair Blair is like a blond under cover and she is a cat with a lot of magic and makes soul have nose bleeds every time he see her and she like baths but she is a cat. oops Lord Death THE END
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