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on 8 June 2017

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Transcript of Conditionals

If you don't look after your plants, they die very quickly.
If they raise the price, they will lose customers.
If everybody in the world spoke the same language, they would understand each other better.
Bo would have been able to do the writing test, if he hadn't been ill on that day.
How do you

a conditional sentence?
How do
influence the meaning of a conditional sentence?
time of the condition
possibility of the event.
if + present simple , present simple
possible, in the present
if + present, will + infinitive
possible, in the future
If + past simple, would + infinitive
unlikely, in the present
If + past perfect, would have + past participle
impossible, in the past
(If) you mix blue with yellow, you get green.
Work hard

if you want to get a high mark.

If you study very hard for the next GP, you

be able to score highly.
less than delighted with our product, we will refund your money.
If I
you, I
apologise to her.

If the programmer
familiar with this language, it
be an easy job.

the printer
break down
within the first year, we would repair it at our expense.
If this film had been released last summer, it
have been more successful.
If someone
had been teasing
your child so nastily, you
would have been upset
like I was.
If the island

still a tourist attraction, last week's earthquake
would have caused
far more deaths.
If Fleming
hadn't discovered

penicillin, there
would be
far more fatalities every year.
If clause: Hypothetical event in the present
"If the island
still a tourist attraction.."
Main clause: Result that could have happened in the past
"......last week's earthquake
would have caused
far more deaths."
(second type)
(third type)
If-clause: Hypothetical situation in the past
"If Fleming

hadn't discovered

(third type)
Main clause: Result in the present
".... there
would be

far more fatalities every year."
(second type)
Super Athletes
(Textbook, Pg. 66)
- Read the article.
- Do exercises 2,3 and 5.
Exercise 5:
Make conditionals using the given situations.
2. If athletes don't earn a lot of money,
they won't train hard.
3. If someone runs 100 metres in 9.3 seconds, nobody will believe it.
4. If Haile (wasn't) weren't fit, it wouldn't be so easy for him to run long distances.
5. If an athlete wins four gold medals in athletics, he or she will be a record breaker.
6. If the Olympic Games hadn't been organised in Moscow in 1980, the USA would have taken part in it.
Do exercises 8 - 11
Textbook, Pg. 67
Class Agenda: Tuesday, 18th of June
Conditionals (Module 6)
Preparation for "Taaldorp"

1. How can we
the 1st years to speak?
2. How can we assess them
3. How can we make Taaldorp
for them?

Three points to ponder...
Understand the 1st years.
TTO students
Non-TTO students
- Ability to carry out a conversation
- Words that they use
- Pronunciation

· Travel agency
· Clothes shop
· Police station
· Campsite
· Supermarket or Telecom shop
· Directions
· Doctor’s
· Museum
· Restaurant
· Hotel

3 classes in the morning
3 classes in the afternoon
1st years
Hello, I am the assessor.
I will listen to you and give you a mark.
Hello, my job is to talk to you and to get you to speak.
When you are quiet or don't have anything to say, does this mean that your English is not up to scratch?

We grade the 1st years holistically.

Students who receive "Good" must show

the same
speaking ability.
Use your "gut feeling" to establish which mark you should give to the first student.
Cambridge students
What might hinder you from giving a fair mark ?

You don't listen to the conversations carefully.
Your marks don't match the speaking ability of the 1st years.
You are not consistent.
The conversations are too short.
You are tired.
We need your help to set up the "Taaldorp".
This coming Friday (Period 8), Gymzaal
Class Agenda: Thursday, 19th of June
Exercises 6 - 11 (Textbook, Pg. 67)
Conditionals quiz

Exercise 8:
Part 1: What would the situation be now:

a. If performance-enhancing drugs hadn't been developed,
the records in many sports wouldn't be this good.

b. If penicillin hadn't been discovered,
millions of people would die because of infection.

c. If the computer hadn't been invented,
we would still waste a lot of time doing simple things.

d. If the Second World war had never broken out,
the borders in Europe would be different.

Part 2: What would have / wouldn't have happened in the past:

a. If football was a less popular sport,
the World Cup wouldn't have become such a media event.

b. If the Americas and Europe were one continent,
Columbus wouldn't have had to travel by ship.

c. If people didn't like travelling,
planes wouldn't have been invented.

d. If the sun was closer to the Earth,
life on Earth wouldn't have been developed.
Exercise 9:
Use the cues to write mixed conditional sentences.

Part 1:

- If John weren't so tall,
he wouldn't have had to have the doors in his house changed.

- If John weren't seven feet tall,
he wouldn't have joined a basketball team at school.

- If John weren't seven feet tall,
he wouldn't have had problems finding a date for a school disco.
Part 2:

- If Jessica hadn't been a world-class gymnast since she was 11,
she wouldn't be suffering from spine problems now.

- If Jessica hadn't been a world-class gymnast since she was 11,
she wouldn't be a famous person now.

- If Jessica hadn't been a world-class gymnast,
she wouldn't be able to support her family financially.
Exercise 10:
Choose one adjective from each pair that reflects your personality.

Miss Amkham's answer:

a. If I
hadn't been hard-working
in the last three years of my secondary school, I
wouldn't have had
a chance to enter the best university of Thailand.

b. If I
so shy, I
more friends.

c. If I
hadn't trained
myself to be well-organised, I
probably receive a lot of criticism on a daily basis.
Exercise 11:
Write about
things that you did or didn't do, or that happened or didn't happen to you in the past and what the present consequences are. Use
mixed conditional

Miss Amkham's answer:

1. If I
wasn't interested
in the learning process, I
wouldn't have chosen
the teaching profession.

2. If I
hadn't applied
for a job at FarelCollege, I
wouldn't be teaching
you guys here.

3. I
wouldn't have passed
my Dutch exams, if Dutch
wasn't used
as a means for communication at school.

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