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One Direction, Megan Larson, Hour 8

No description

Megan Larson

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of One Direction, Megan Larson, Hour 8

One Direction By: Megan Larson Where it all started.... Harry Styles Liam Payne Zayn Malik Single or in a relationship? Louis Tomlinson Liam
Louis Five Boys, One dream! Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik all audition for X-Factor in July 2010 as solo artists. They all made it through. During Boot camp round they got the unfortunate news that they didn't make it, but the judges offered them a suggestion to be a group instead! They jumped at the chance and thus One Direction was born. Niall Horan Niall James Horan was born on September 13th, 1993 in Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland. Niall attended St.Kenny National School in Mullingar. For his Secondary School he attended Colaiste Mhuire (Mary’s College) in Mullingar. An interesting fact is that Niall never got his High School diploma! Niall has a 22 year old brother named Greg. All about Niall! Random Facts about Niall: His Hobbies are playing guitar, football and eating (Niall loves food!) Right now Niall's hair is blonde but he is naturally a brunette, he's been dying ever since he was 14 years old. Niall is a HUGE Justin Bieber fan! Niall is left handed but plays his guitar with his right hand! All about
Harry: Harry Edward Styles was born on the 1st of February in 1994. Making him the youngest member of One Direction. He went to school at Holmes Chapel High School in Crewe. When Harry was younger he worked at the local Bakery in Cheshire. Harry claims that he misses his job at the bakery even though he's living the dream. Harry has a sister named Gemma who is 20 years old. Random Facts about Harry: He LOVES taco's. He once had a hamster called hamster! Before he started singing he wanted to be a lawyer. Harry's first word was Cat. All about Louis: Louis William Tomlinson was born on Christmas Eve (December 24th ) 1991. Louis is the oldest member of One Direction. Louis went to Hall Cross School and The Hayfield School. He has four younger half-sisters by his mom; There names are Charlotte, Félicité, and twins Daisy and Phoebe. He has one younger half-sister by his father, and her name is Georgia. Random Facts about Louis: When Louis was younger he wanted work on a farm. Louis is prone to sleepwalking. Louis’s mottos is “live fast, have fun & be a bit mischievous.” Louis once said that if he could go anywhere for a vacation he would go to Narnia! All about Liam: Liam James Payne was born on August 29th, 1993. Liam went to St.Peters Collegiate School, in Wolverhampton. Liam has two sisters,Nicola (Age 22) and Ruth (Age 20). Random facts about Liam: Liam has a very strange Phobia of Spoons! Liams nickname is "Daddy Directioner" because he is most mature of the band members. His favorite "food" is Chocolate. His Favorite color is Purple. All about Zayn: Zayn Jawaad Malik was born on 12th January 1993 in St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford. He attended Blaxland High School. His siblings are Doniya (19), Waliyha (10) and Safaa (8). Zayn’s name is actually spelt with an ‘i’ (Zain). He says that ‘Zayn’ looks more unique and adopted it as his stage name. Random facts about Zayn: His favorite book is Harry Potter. Zayn's name is Arabic for "King" and he is Muslim British Pakistani. Zayn loves Drawing. His nickname was "Z" in school This is Liam Payne and his Girlfriend Danielle Peazer Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Perrie Edwards! Niall is Single! Harry is single too! Louis Tomlinson is dating Eleanor Calder. Albums. One direction made two albums thus far (Up all Night, and Take me Home) and both have reached the top of the charts. Some of One Directions Top Songs- "Up all Night" Album Cover "Take me Home" Album Cover -What makes you Beautiful
-One Thing
-Live while were young
-Up all night
-Kiss You
-Gotta be you What makes you beautiful, Music Video One Direction also has very famous YouTube videos made by Mark Parsons. "The adventurous adventures of One Direction" and also recently made was "The adventurous adventures of One Direction 2". They are a comedy of One Directions adventures if they were super heroes. The songs on Up all Night album are... 1. What Makes You Beautiful
2. Gotta Be You
3. One Thing
4. More Than This
5. Up All Night
6. I Wish
7. Tell Me A Lie
8. Taken
9. I Want
10. Everything About You
11. Same Mistakes
12. Save You Tonight
13. Stole My Heart
14. Stand Up (Bonus)
15. Moments (Bonus) Songs from Take me home Album... 1. Live While We’re Young
2. Kiss You
3. Little Things
4. C’mon, C’mon
5. Last First Kiss
6. Heart Attack
7. Rock Me
8. Change My Mind
9. I Would
10. Over Again
11. Back For You
12. They Don’t Know About Us
13. Summer Love
14. Truly, Madly, Deeply
15. Magic
16. Irresistible
17. One Thing (Live)
18. I Wish (Live) This is One Direction in the You Tube video "Adventurous adventures of One Direction".
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