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derp McDerp

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Africa

Mount Kenya
17,057 ft.
located on equator
extinct volcano
area around-Mt.Kenya National Park
several glaciers
Volcano Nyamuragira
active volcano
3,058m tall
generally erupts every 2 years
located in Congo
one of Africas most active volcanoes
Mount Kilimanjaro
3 volcanoes- Kibo, Mawenzi,Shira
On the edge of a tectonic plate
19,340 ft.tall
tallest free mountain on earth
Found in Eastern part of egypt
Includes nations from Jordan,Isreal,Saudi Arabia,Etiopa and Sambodia
Western Ethiopian Shield
The Western Ethiopian shield is along the border of western Ethiopia
It's plutons were formed between 830 and 540 million years ago
It is a small geological shield
3 Rivers
Nile River
It Streches to 6,650 km .
Only 22% of the Nile river goes through Africa.
The river originates in Brundi south of the equator.
The Nile provides water,food,transportation, habitats and soil for crops .
River Zambezi
The river's length is 2,574
It's area is 1,390,000 square km
The river is the 4th longest river in Africa
Is one of the most polluted rivers in Africa
African Clothing
Bilal's individual part of the project

Scientific name: Panthera onca
Life span is 12-15 yrs.
Habitats rainforests ,swamp areas and
grass lands.
The jaguar's diet includes deers,snakes and
crocodiles and turtle eggs.
Did you know that there are only 15,000
wild jaguars left.
The jaguars babies only stay
with their mother for 1 yr.
love water which is why they're also called the water horse
love water
spend up to 16 hours in the water
are amazing swimmers
The northern half of Africa is all desert
The average of Africa's heat is warm all over the continent
In the summer time the weather can reach 50 degrees Celsius- In the winter it can drop to a low of -15 degrees Celsius
The average temperature is 29.4 degrees all year
In 92 % of Africa there is too much water in some places and too little in others
Africa has the most different kinds of climates
Flooding is very common in Southern Africa because of climate
Nelson Mandela
born July 18, 1918- Johannesburg South Africa
died December 05, 2013
first black president of South Africa
won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993
supporter of Nelson Mandela Childrens fund- to give the African children a voice to protect themselves from harm
African clothing is usually traditional and very vibrant
they make the clothing out of the inner bark of fig trees
two most popular dyeing techniques are tie and dye
ol doinyo lengai
Natural Disasters

Named "Mountain of god"
South of Lake Natren
last erupted in 2013
Africa's natural disasters are mostly floods
In Sudan Africa flood killed 150,000 humans
In 2000 Ethiopia got a flood that effected 6, 700,000
Mozambique 1985 rain killed 100,000
Africa main plain is the dessert
One of the other plains are savannas
One of the most known plain in Africa is the rainforest.
yahoo answers
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