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Chasing Lincon

No description

Skylar Tipton

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Chasing Lincon

Chasing Lincolns Killer!
John Wilkes Booth woke up depressed on Friday April 14,1865
The confederacy was dead! That's the day he planned Lincoln's death.
Secede- To leave
Indescribable- unable to be described accuracy
Incite - to stir encourage or urgent or primp to action
solemn- group sober or mirthless as as person face speech tone
chapter one
By: Skylar Tipton
At the National Hotel
April 14,1865.
White House
Boarding House
Surrattsville Maryland

artifact analysis
fords theater playbill
fords theater
April 14Th 1865
so people know they have so they don't get in for free
no because its just a ticket with information
no because that was in the olden days
why i chose this chapter
To be honest i chose this chapter because it was the first chapter and i didn't feel like looking through the book!

if i could choose the ending of this chapter
if i could chose the ending of the book i would have everyone living and lincolns wishes come true
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