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Web & Social Media strategy

No description

jim pettiward

on 25 July 2016

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Transcript of Web & Social Media strategy

Philanthropists and donors
Drive more philanthropy towards effective curated environmental conservation & restoration (including any potential donors interested in the environment)
in person/online - reports and updates about projects they are supporting. Information about other projects/organisations working in their particular area of interest (if they have one). News and views about their area of interest - a portal to learn more about any particular causes they are passionate about.
SE Priority level:
Further engagement potential:
dependent on individual. Opportunity to attend events, come in for project updates, visit projects and even help out with resources other than money.
Potential to scale up?
- need more funding to bring more partners on board. Strategies e.g. Congo Basin, Coral Campaign
Key Social Media?
Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? - how can we find out more about the type of info they access through SM and the type they want to access?
Regeneration Partners
to secure large, longer term commitments to support specific partners and new projects
in person/online - They should be able to determine the level of information, reporting, follow up that they want. Need to be very careful not to overwhelm this audience with information and emails. Need to determine a key person in each firm, preferably someone genuinely interested, who we can liaise with and who can be the cheerleader for the project within the firm. Clear and concise online content. Well told stories about project successes, with ‘metrics’ foregrounded where possible.
SE Priority level:
Further engagement potential:
depends on individual or firm. Some may want to be a bit more hands-on, including visiting projects
Key Social Media?
Twitter? LinkedIn?
NGOs, scientists & academics
to showcase some of the good work being carried out by others in conservation and provide a roadmap for effective conservation initiatives
in person/online - Probably more important to develop f-2-f relationships, although if we can get some momentum behind the flotilla concept then this needs to be reflected and showcased through our website(s). One feature of website could be to showcase effective conservation work being done by our partners, mapping where it’s happening, who is doing it, how it’s being done, links to other NGOs and scientists
SE Priority level:
High if we want to start developing flotilla
Further engagement potential:
- platform for them to talk to each other, talking at events, involvement in due diligence, space for ideas about going from science to action.
Key Social Media? -
Twitter? Facebook (e.g. Act Now)
General public, esp. young people
to educate, inspire, motivate and provide hope
in person/online - inspiration, heart-warming stories, calls to action, a chance to be involved, links and feed of important stories - filtered to fit with what we do where possible. Educational resources, campaigns, games.
SE Priority level:
Further engagement potential:
ideally, we’d develop really good engagement here via collaborations with schools, museums, other groups etc. but this is probably easier said than done, especially at this stage. May be a longer term goal.
Key Social Media?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
to nudge them towards addressing the environment more in their work
in person/online: Examples of artwork/film etc. that others are doing. Impact and profile-raising
SE Priority level -
Key Social Media?
- Instagram? Pinterest? Twitter?
Who do we need to reach?
Are key messages clear & consistent?
How do we reach those we need to reach?
e.g. face-to-face/online
How can we use our Social Media channels
more strategically?

Women's Alliance for the Living World
to inspire, educate and ultimately, attract funding. To offer diverse ways to get engaged and involved with the SE platform.
in person/online - probably more about face to face relationships, cultivated by Jessica. Much of content on site would potentially be of interest, though there may be space for a newsletter or other form of bespoke correspondence.
SE Priority level -
Key Social Media:
SE Facebook page, and Twitter
#regeneration #synchronicityearth
#synchronicityearth #flotilla
#synchronicityearth #education #earthcalling
#synchonicityearth #synchronicitystories
#synchronicityearth #waflw
#synchronicityearth #philanthropy #greengiving








Personal accounts:

Jessica: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram / Katy: Twitter / Jim: Twitter/LinkedIn
Mobile activists
Current Social Media channels:

Consolidate Social media strategy - who are we targeting with which media? Develop more distinct SE voice and ensure consistent messaging across channels
How to portray SE - less wordy
Develop Newsletter concept
Build strategic alliances - coral flotilla as prototype
Campaign / Educate
Step by step approach
Always remember WHY and WHO
Refresh/repurpose marketing materials

Synchronicity Earth
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