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Mentos and soda experiment

No description

Ctor garnet

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Mentos and soda experiment

Our hypotheses
Niaz: root beer and mint mentos

Hector: seltzer water and cinnamon

Michael: diet coke and mint mentos

Chris: root beer and mint mentos
Future Experiment
Combinations of sodas and mentos.
What combination of mentos and soda will create the greatest explosion.
What causes the explosion between the mentos and the soda?
It’s mostly due to a process called nucleation, where the carbon dioxide in the soda is attracted to the Mentos That creates so much pressure that the soda goes flying.


Procedure: We took off the cap then we dropped 3 mentos in and watched it explode.

Measured amount of soda left in the bottle to see how much was left after the explosion.
We can tilt soda or water at a different angle so when it goes up in the air it won't go straight back down into the bottle.
Future Experiment
We can also try and drop the mentos in at the same time.
Michael's guess was right: if you drop 3 mint mentos in diet coke it will create the greatest explosion.
Sometimes the mentos were pushed back out by the explosion.
Thank You
Janet Sweeney, Angela Tatem, and Marissa Tanner. Also thanks to our mentor Hector and the the other mentors. Plus the professors.
Where does the carbon Dioxide come from in the soda? Surface tension causes bubbles and when bubbles pop carbon dioxide is formed.

Does the temperature of the soda have anything to do with explosion?
Warm soda makes the biggest explosion.
Sodas: Diet Coca Cola, Root Beer, Crush, Mountain Dew, Seltzer Water.
Mentos: Fruit, Cinnamon, Mint.
Others: Measuring Cup and Pitcher.
We saw clear differences
due to measurements and
We believe that diet coke did the best because nothing was holding it back such as sugar, electrolytes etc. seltzer water has water in it that doesn't have a reaction regularly.
We chose to do this project because we wanted to see how everyday objects react with each other fr example, mentos and soda. Plus we thought it would be fun and cool.
Why this project?
What is the most carbonated drink?
Coke is the most carbonated soda.
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