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Mississippi State

No description

katelynn williams

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Mississippi State

State Coat of Arms-
Appointed in 1894
The Motto is Virtute et Armis
which means valor and arms State Symbols continued Citations Mariannne Dizon
Josseline Esquivel
Katelynn Williams Mississippi The name Mississippi comes from the French word "Messipi" meaning "Great River" Major idustries Tourist Attractions State Hood Grenada Lake Major Lakes Ross Barnett Reservoir, Arkabutla Lake, Sardis Lake State Symbols State Bird: Northern Mockingbird State Flower: Magnolia Major Cities Jackson-Population 173,514
Gulfport-Population 67,793 Southaven- Population 48,982 Mississippi River one of the world’s major river systems in size, habitat diversity and biological productivity
3rd longest in North America
4th largest in the world
At least 260 species of fish live in the waters
at Lake Itasca the river is so shallow that children can walk across the Mississippi. State land Mammal: White-Tailed Deer College Sports Team
Mississippi Rebels – Oxford
The black bear replaced Colonel Reb as the official mascot in 2010. Mascot: Rebel Black Bear Mississippi Sports Teams Mississippi State Bulldogs Mississippi State University
Starkville, Mississippi Hockey Team
Biloxi, Mississippi
They were division Championships in 2002-2003. The Kings Tavern Natchez, MississippiIs one of the oldest buildings in NatchezIt was built sometime in the late 1700s.They found skeletal remains of three bodies: two men and one woman.
Laying with the skeletal remains was a jeweled dagger that is assumed to have been used to kill them. The Ghost Adventures Crew investigates to find out if ghosts of these stories roam the Kings Tavern. Elvis Presley (singer): Born in Tupelo on January 8, 1935 Oprah Winfrey (Talk Show Host): Born in Kosciusko on January 29, 1954 Northern Region
Flatlands to hills
Rainfall-50 inches
March is the wettest
October is the driest
Snowfall- less than 2 1/2 inches Central Region
Short, mild winters
Long, warm summers
January-46 degrees
July82 degrees
Rainfall-53 inches
Snowfall- less than 2 inches per year Southern Region
Tropical climate
Rainfall-62 inches
Snowfall- rare
January- 52 degrees
July- 83 degrees Climate State Shell: Oyster shell Vicksburg National Military Parkhttp://www.nps.gov/vick/index.htmMississippi Gulf Coasthttp://www.gulfcoast.org/ State and National Parkshttp://www.mississippi.gov/content/Pages/StateNationalParks.aspxBrices National Battlefieldhttp://www.nps.gov/brcr/index.htmVicksberg cemeteryhttp://www.vicksburg.org/departments/cemeteryKings Tavern http://www.ghostinmysuitcase.com/places/kings/http://www.visitmississippi.org/



http://www.geyserfalls.com/ State Waterfowl: Wood Duck State Fish: Largemouth State Water Mammal: Bottlenosed Dolphin Farming (cotton, corn, soybeans, rice, and oil Electronic equipment Transportation equipment Fishing Tourist Attraction Geyser Falls Water Theme Park Delta BLues Museum known as "the land where blues began" Tourist Attraction The cemetery is 116 acres, and holds the remains of 17,000 Civil War Union soldiers. Vicksburg National Military Park/Cemetery Things to explore while in VNMP:
-USS Cairo Gunboat Exhibit and Museum
-Louisiana Circle and South Fort Units
-Navy Circle and Grant's Canal Units
-Pemberton's Headquarters
-Heritage Garden
-Park Tour Marker and Tour Stop 6 - Thayer's Approach Famous People Born in Mississippi Mississippi became the 20th state December 10th, 1817
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