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The Columbian Exchange

No description

Ahylin Sanchez

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange
By: Ahylin Sanchez
What is the Columbian Exchange?
The Columbian Exchange is the exchange of plants and animals between the Old World and the New World.
Why is the Columbian Exchange so important?
The Columbian Exchange is one of the most important part of history in the discovery of the New World. It was and important thing in history because it has made our life easier and has given us some advantages like now in days we have horses, cows, and many other things that make farming and our everyday life.
Some examples are food like corn and potatoes and animals like horses and cows.
The were many animals who came from Europe. Some of the most important animals wear the ones who affected the Native Americans. An important animal was the horse. The horse helped them by helping them hunt the buffalo and other animals for food, shelter, and equipment. Another animal was the sheep. The sheep helped them by giving them wool to make warm clothes instead of using buffalo. Other animals were pigs and cattle. They helped them by giving them food.
Many plants came from America to Europe and changed Europe's diet drastically. One major plant that changed Europe's diet was the tobacco. In Europe the used to grow tobacco but the land in the Americas was way better for the crop. This lead for tobacco to be the leading trade product and making tobacco farms a success. The cause to tobacco being a success was the habit of people in Europe of smoking which today will be known as a smoking addiction.
The plant with the biggest impact on me would be the coffee bean. I tend to drink large amounts of coffee and without coffee I would't have my daily energy.
There were many diseases going around during this era. Some of the diseases where smallpox, influenza, typhus, measles, malaria, diphtheria, and the whooping cough. Smallpox is a highly infectious disease that causes high fevers, pimples with puss, and aches. Malaria is a disease that is often past by mosquitoes. There were many more life lasting diseases like cancer, diabetes, and even AIDS.

Corn and Potatoes changed the World in many ways. In the old times there wasn't much farm land or the climate didn't agree with their crops. When potatoes came into the worl it was a huge releave due to that potatoes grow underground that protects them from getting destroyed in cold weather and grow in in mediocre soil. They also grow in big amounts too. Ireland was into starvation before potatoes came.
When they discoved that corn lasted for a long time it went to being a hit. Many of there live stock like pigs and cattle didn't eat food after it was old but with corn it was a big change. Animals loved it and so did the Europeans. Now in days it's one of the main crop for farmers. Corn is now grown world wide.
Most Native Americans died due to these diseases, but how come many Europeans didn't while having these same diseases. Well this was because the Native Americans immune system wasn't used to these diseases. They weren't prepared and the European's system had be used to these diseases. Thats why many Native Americans died and why many Europeans survived.
How the Columbian Exchange has made an impact into my daily life!
The Columbian Exchange has impact many lives and still does. We are all part of the Columbian Exchange. While we are eating french fries, riding horses, or even what we think our traditional foods once might have been from somewhere completely different. My life is affected in some ways. One way is that thanks to the Columbian Exchange I now in days can drink milk in the morning. Without the Columbian Exchange I wouldn't get my daily milk and wouldn't be able to eat steak, so I thank Europe for bringing cows over. Another way is that without the Columbian Exchange I would get sugar. I love eating sweet thing with sugar . The Columbian Exchange affects everyone's life without us even thinking about it.
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