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Gambling addiction

No description

Sara Awad

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Gambling addiction

According to many Gamblers, gambling can make you feel great. It has been proven that we remember our wins longer than our losses. Some people may even win on their first try. Gamblers often consider their wins proof that they are lucky or good at the game, which encourages them to keep playing. the more they play the more the get attached. just like any drug addiction gambling can develop into an addiction too.
The development of the addiction
What is gambling
Gambling games and activities have an unpredictable outcome and require players to make bets in hope of winning something of grater value. The chance of losing a large amount of money or even losing a house is very high. gambling does not requires skill it requires a lot of chance.

Compulsive or pathological gambling is a progressive illness, a psychological disorder which is just as difficult to overcome as addiction to alcohol or drugs. The compulsive gambler experiences a series of stages, each with its own warning signs.While the number of stages varies from 3 to 5, depending on the source.

1.Stage 1 – Winning
2.Statge 2 – Losing
3.Stage 3 – Desperation
4.Stage 4 – Hopelessness
5.Stage 5 – Recovery

brain effects
Paul is both a husband and a father. he was an compulsive gambler who gambled for the past 13 years of his life. he ended up losing all of his possessions house, car, and bank account on a lost bet. he went bankrapt and could no longer pay of his dubts then on he was sentenced 19 months of prison. he claims that his experience in jail is one he will never forget, that his freedom was ripped away, simple things like showering and brushing his teeth became so hard he had to share a room with 36 others. after pauls 19 months in jail he finally was released from prison he swore to never gamble again. he started seeing a group called gamblers annonymous for treating his addiction to gambling
With the right treatment, gambling addiction is manageable. Unlike someone with a food addiction, a compulsive gambler does not need the object of their addiction to survive. They simply need to learn how to develop a healthy and balanced relationship with money. A program of recovery can assist with impulse control.

if ever in need of help visit or join:
-Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs
-Gamblers Anonymous (group meetings)
-individual therapy

Treatment methods
Gambling Addiction
by: Sara Awad
what can cause a gambling addiction
1) biological causes
2) psychological causes
3) socio-cultural causes
4) spiritual causes
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