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We Beat The Streets

No description

Jesus Lezama

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of We Beat The Streets

We Beat The Streets
By:Jesus Lezama and Joey Lopez

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The Beginning

How did Gorge,Ramek, and Sampson beat the streets? How did they overcome the challenges of the street and accomplish their goals? find out now!
Their young childhood
Their Obstacles
They all grew up Newark,New Jersey.The three met in high school, they lived in public housing and had low income families.During high school they made a pact to get through high school.
While in high school the three friends suddenly realize they have a chance to fulfill their dreams of success at medical school. I think this is the climax because its the point in their lives where they actually get to be what they wanted since they were children.
8 year old George, born February 6, 1973. He had a goal that would keep him off the streets and dedicate his time to school.
9 year old Ramek, born on May 1st, 1973.Ramek had a gift for speaking but he had several obstacles for the road ahead.
11 year old Sampson, born January 19,1973.He was the fifth of six children.Sampson lived in an area of high crime and poverty.

Their pact was a great example of friendship and teamwork. Each one had their own story. Each had went through problems with drugs and each one of them wanted to stop the temptation of using them.
Sampson, George and Rameck lived in a place of theft and street gangs. Some in which had been their good friends, yet died just for the use of drugs and alcohol. Their bond and friendship was unbreakable.
The Beginning of the End
In the end, Sampson,George and Rameck end up becoming doctors in the neighborhood where they grew up in. George by the way was not a doctor. He was a dentist.
The Reason
We chose this song is because in the lyrics it tells about him trying but failing to go to college. In t our book the three make it and succeed in life.
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