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This prezi tells all about Wolfdragons. They are wolves with wings that rarely breath fire, and exsist in my imagination called Kellmora.

Kelly Taresh

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Wolfdragons

By: Kelly Taresh Sorry about the cancel sign in the middle of the picture. I don't know how to get rid of it. The Wolfdragon Anyway, the Wolfdragon is an animal that is half wolf and half dragon which is probably obvious. It is basically a wolf with wings that will very rarely breath fire. Watching a Wolfdragon breath fire is a sight to behold. They only live on a remote island deep hidden in the land of Kellmora (My imagination). They can come in many colors and like all wolves and dragons, they are born small and they grow larger as they mature. Wolfdragons can fly short distances because of their small wing muscles, but can breath fire hotter than the sun. Wolfdragons have limited defenses, only three to be exact. The first defense is the teeth. They have sharp, serrated teeth perfect for ripping and tearing flesh See See The next defense are the claws. They are just right for the job of ripping, cutting, and tearing. They are also good for taking down prey. Sharp, right? Now the third defense is a Wolfdragon's burning fire. A Wolfdragon's flame can burn hotter than the sun and can turn anything it burns into a pile of ash. Hot, Blazing Fire Here are some frequently asked questions about Wolfdragons ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? If Wolfdragons were real, would they be a threat to our existence? If Wolfdragons were real, they could be a threat to our existence because if disturbed, Wolfdragons could run away or fight. Although, Wolfdragons are usually peaceful creatures. Do Wolfdragons come from eggs like dragons or are they born alive like wolves? Wolfdragons do not hatch from eggs like dragons, so they are born alive like wolves. That can be very confusing, but since they came from my imagination, anything is possible How big can wolfdragons grow up to? Wolfdragons can grow up to 18 feet in length and can be as tall as 10 feet. They can rarely grow at least two feet bigger, but it only happens once in 1,212 years. How long can Wolfdragons live for? Wolfdragons can live up to 112 years How big is an adult Wolfdragon's wingspan? An adult Wolfdragon's wingspan can grow up to 20 feet in length. Could Wolfdragons be pets? Because of a Wolfdragons big size and ability to breath fire, Wolfdragons would not be suitable pets because they need a lot of room to fly and run. Also, if you got one Wolfdragon, you would need another because Wolfdragons can become very social creatures, but are mostly independent animals. Again, Wolfdragons are wild animals that only live in Kellmora (my imagination). They have blazing hot fire and razor sharp teeth and claws. They are mostly independent creatures. If you ever come upon one (which is about 100% not going to happen), give it some respect and let it walk away from you. Do not walk away from it. That Concludes My Presentaion WOLFDRAGONS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Created By:
Wolfdragon 12
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