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Unis Terres

No description

Andie Chia

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Unis Terres

Unis Terres
Utopian Society

Goals and Values
Unis Terres will strive to ensure that freedom and recognition of individuality are pursued everyday in our society.
We strongly believe in being able to create an opportunity-filled environment to develop and achieve your dreams.
We as an impactful utopia will also raise the level of awareness to adapt into a nonviolent, bliss world.
As a persistent utopia, these goals and values will become the base of our society.
Goals and Values Continued
Through almost limitless possibilities on being able to pursuit your dreams, Unis Terres continues to show and determine that a perfect community can be created and maintained, so long as the citizens work harmoniously alongside each other.
Powers and Politics
What form of Social and Political organization will your utopia have?
There would be a representative democracy, where there will be elected representatives going to "meetings" that make big decisions for all of Unis Terres.
Each representative would have to go through an election that occurs every year, in each job society. Each job society (Efectrix, Mejoradores, Tukang, and Penseurs), would elect three representatives to make decisions and compromises for them.
For a bill to be passed, there would have to be a three fourths majority consensus, including an acceptance from all the founders of Unis Terres.
What would your decision processes be?
Every month, there would be a regular "meeting" where all of the representatives join to discuss any bill they would want to pass.
During those times, the representatives are able to edit and converse over the rules, then take a vote to pass the bill.
If the bill receives a three fourths agreement, it is then sent to the founders of Unis Terres, where they all have to agree on the rule.
If it is not approved, it goes back to the representatives, and the only way it is passed then is if all the representatives vote yes for the rule.
Will you have a constitution, other written agreements, or verbal agreements?
The Declaration of Change: A document that lists out the social and economic struggles that have been developed in the world, and covers how Unis Terres will strive to create a "perfect" world where everything is in harmonious peace.
The Bill of Human Rights: A scroll with the human rights stated, and what these applied rights will do to improve on the state of the world we used to be part of.
Constitution: The constitution will provide all the rules ever passed by the founders of the utopia and the representatives, divided by the categories economics, social, and behavior.
Utopia's Foundation: These are the ten guidelines that the founders had placed on Unis Terres to create a just, safe environment to be able to chase your dreams freely.
How will officials or coordinators be selected?
Officials and coordinators will be selected by the people's vote, with a little bit of influence from the founders, to make sure they will let the people have the opportunity to chase their dreams, but keep the environment safe and carefree.
Their job would be to break up arguments if needed, but just really be there to help people around Unis Terres, whether its for information of asking for closer inspection on security on certain parts of the city.
Members and
What will be the characteristics of its population?
Children and
The population of the people in Unis Terres will be described as a set of ambitious free, and always-happy citizens full of individuality and positivity.
When it comes to challenges or contests, they always have a fiery competitiveness in them, but it is clear that all the challenges do is enforce the idea of pushing them to become better, and does not encourage rivalries or anything of the sort.
Will it be open to all, or will you select its members?
In order to get in, here would be a test involving mental decisions according to what you believe in.
As the founders see through the testing, they select only the people who have proved that they want to make the world a better place to live in, and will strive to support the foundations of Unis Terres.
Not only that, but they would have to be people who have never been in jail and people that have a clean slate in relation to social behavior
What will be the rights and duties of the members of your utopia?
The rights and duties of the members in Unis Terres will consist of:
Defending and respecting all the written agreements of the community
Participating in the elections of new representatives and officials
Keeping the environment a safe, carefree place for future generations to come
Treating others with respect, and absolutely no practice of racism or biased opinions
Will there be social stratification in your utopia?
There will only be social stratification in job occupations, which consist of bosses, employees, trainees, etc.
This will defend the law of gender equality and boost the confidence of everyone.
This is not saying some people can't be richer or poorer than others, that would be based on how hard you work and what type of income you are receiving
Planning for your dreams
What rights will children have?
Children would have the right to be part of any organization or activity outside of their school hours, so long as it will not interfere with their learning.
They would also have the right to have some sort of phone or way of communicating with their parents or other citizens of Unis Terres
They would have the right of socializing with other children, which would encourage the mutual bond of trustworthiness and friendship with the other utopians.
On top of those rights, the children would be able to express their individuality and personality by having no restraints on what they hear outside and inside of school (school appropriate of course).
Will restrictions be placed on the children's activities?
The children would have to be in their houses by ten thirty unless excused by an activity they are in,
The time they go to sleep is dependent on the amount of homework given out to them, and other personal things they have to complete, such as chores, dinner, etc.
They would have restrictions on the Internet, and the rest would be up to the parents.
How will children be educated?
The children would all attend a public school with the qualities and "luxuries" of a private school.
They would have a high standard education with qualified teachers teaching it to them.
The children would be taught English language arts, science, mathematics, and music, but the education would mainly revolve around the world's development and what Unis Terres is doing to create a better, more perfected society.
Economics, Work, and Leisure
How will production and distribution be organized in our utopia?
The citizens of Unis Terres in choosing their career in which they will work and develop their skills as they get recognized and moved up the ranks
Even though there will be balance between the amount of people and the types of jobs, the people will not be forced or limited with their options.
Technology will aid the categories and jobs that have difficulty finding citizens interested in that particular field.
Because of the diverse interests different people have, the balance of jobs in each category will sustain themselves by nature.
Unis Terres is set up in a way where the job societies are branched off from the "Grand Central Station", named Mejoradores, Efectrix, Penseurs, and Tukang.
Citizens of Unis Terres will hold the usual manners of knocking on doors, even though there will be enough trust in each other to leave them unlocked.
In Unis Terres, things and achievements will be earned, not "handed on a platter."
How will work be compensated?
Work will be compensated by money, which would be rewarded every month, like they do in the United States
Depending on their occupation, the citizen of Unis Terres would get paid a fair amount of money based on their efforts and the importance of their job.
You will be able to use and spend your money at the Principium Foro, also known as the worldwide market where you purchase all your food, spices, and materials to cook or to eat food when you are not eating at the pavilion (public eating area).
How will people determine what jobs they do?
They will determine their jobs and their future by choosing an education for the career they enjoy doing, at an early age.
The citizens will have the opportunity to earn more than one degree in various categories, so the "government" will not be felt as oppressing and limiting.
Unis Terres believes that the people who work harder than others will be given more opportunities than the ones who are satisfied with what they have already achieved.
Who will do the economic planning?
Two representatives from each of the four job categories, efectrix, mejoradores, tukang, and penseurs, will be in charge of the organization and goals aimed for that particular job "society".
The representatives will be normal, hard working and dedicated workers that are in one of those job societies.
They will not be paid more or be treated as superiors, but more like a leader created from the same communities everyone else grew up in.
Will your utopia be based on private property, common ownership, or a combination of the two?
Unis Terres will be based on a combination of both private property and common ownership, to give the citizens an incentive to keep working hard, but reinforce the bond between the communities.
With people's private property, such as their homes, they shouldn't have to lock their doors because of trust but courteous manners will stand the same.
How many hours per day will your utopians work?
The average amount of hours the citizens of Unis Terres will work would be eight hours for every weekday.
This is not a limit; if the worker would like to work extra hours for a pay raise or to complete a special project, they may do so, so long as they are not left alone in their job "societies" by the end of the day.
Will the standard of living be poverty level, middle class, or "high on the hog"?
In our utopian society, everyone considers themselves and each other as "rich", with the luxuries millionaires would normally have.
So since the economic level will be thought as "high on the hog," everyone will work even harder with a better quality of product to earn and obtain more luxurious items or belongings.
These circumstances will create a better economic status work-wise and living-wise because of their wholehearted efforts contributes to the community.
Will you set aside time for play and creative pursuits?
Unis Terres will definitely set aside time for activities outside of the work and education of its citizens.
Not only will the founders make time, but also they would strongly encourage this interaction between the utopia's people to strengthen its friendships and trust.
Unis Terres will never mean to give off the "vibe" that all the citizens do is support the economy and learn how to be prepared for life.
The society should be fun and very creative along with work and interactions.
Gender Roles and
Will the roles of women and men vary in your utopia?
In Unis Terres, gender equality will be more than encouraged; it will be enforced upon everybody to treat each other as equals.
If gender discrimination were ever to happen, it would limit the options and opportunities for both sides of genders in what they would want to work in or do when they grow up.
Will the nuclear family be retained?
The husband and wife will definitely not be limited on the number of kids they wish to have.
But once the couple has kids, they cannot divorce unless there is physical and/or serious verbal abuse. Being a kid with divorced parents at an early age can make a devastating impact to their childhood and their thoughts on how things will be for them.
To try and maintain these unstable relationships, people can request a personal or family psychiatrist to deal with the problems leading to wanting a divorce.
Once the children pass the "fourteen" mark, parents are then able to remarry and separate.
Will alternative relationships be prohibited, discouraged, tolerated or encouraged?
Alternative relationships would be discouraged but tolerated to a point.
Science and Technology
Will your utopia encourage scientific and medical research?
Yes, it is not only encouraged, but very necessary to a technological society to have scientific and medical research to improve our way of life and to find cures to horrible diseases we can eventually overcome with human's ingenuity.
These changes and improvements can be developed in the two job societies Mejoradores and Penseurs (improvers and thinkers).
Unis Terres is a technological society because of its ability to create and produce new inventions to revolutionize the community and eventually send their works outside of the utopia.
Will technological development be encouraged?
We can only improve the world we live in by advancing technologically and through more accurate and better education throughout our utopia. Technological developed will be strongly encouraged for the sake of the whole world depending on it.
Will your Utopia abandon any technology?
What will be the energy source to drive your society?
Will there be a division between religion and other social and political institutions in your utopia?
Will your Utopia have rituals and celebrations?
Yes, our utopia will participate in rituals and celebrations since this would enforce the bond between the citizens.
The whole utopia would not be required to participate in any other "ritual", (other than the regular Sunday ceremonies), unless they would like to join in that celebration based on their own personal religion.
The energy source that will drive our society is mainly electricity obtained from solar panels all around the outskirts of Unis Terres
The technology of the era would have developed the power of the solar panels, so the whole utopia has enough energy to run.
Technology is a large part of the society and is used for the better of the world.
Unis Terres will abandon the idea of cars as a main way of transportation, since the pollution can ruin the utopia's tries to create a "perfect" society.
To get from one place to another within the dome, the citizens will ride bikes, because it's healthy, will not cause any pollution, and promotes exercise.
Will your utopia have a single religion, no religion, or many religions?
No, the founders feel as if this is restricting the citizens' rights to freedom in their religion and beliefs, and they will leave the option of crossing over between religion and other social and/or political institutions, up to themselves.
Everyone in the utopia Unis Terres can believe what they want, so long as they go to a Sunday ceremony for "human qualities" like love, faith, trust, no crime, and etcetera.
This will be the part before your own "rituals" for your own religion, and the ceremony should always recite the Utopia's Foundations, or the list of ten rules, before everyone's service.
The Arts
What will be the role of the arts in your utopia?
The role of the arts in our utopia is to entertain people and remind themselves and each other that out of the pain of the slowly dying Earth, beauty and ease can still be found within our talents and ourselves.
Will your utopia encourage participation in the arts?
Yes, it is encouraged that citizens participate in the arts because it's a way to express yourself in a way other than talking.
You can value it as a stress relief from the hardships of life, such as the worries of school and or work, and be able to create new friendships.
Will professional artists pursue their creative efforts full time, with the rest of the community supporting them?
Yes... Like professional ballerina dancers and or singers, the people should be very encouraged to do what they love, and this type of job category would fall under the improvers category.
Will there be any censorship of the art in your utopia?
Yes, there will be censorship on artwork in our utopia because will see it and may believe that that is the correct thing to do. Children in Unis Terres have access to many things, depending on what their parents think is best, and they should stay young and innocent and can live without some certain images or ideas.
The Physical
What will be the architecture of your utopia? What materials and techniques will be used in building construction?
The buildings in the main "bubble" of Unis Terres will be modern-edged, mostly white or space gray, and the material would mainly be the normal materials we use today in our everyday life.
Some upgrades would include materials that can last much longer and can be weather lasting strong. This is essentially for technological developments in our utopian society.
The houses the citizens would live in are identical looking from the outside, and when the people first move in, the interior design is a replica of every other house as well, but as soon as they take ownership of the house, the residents can change only the inside to their comforts and individual senses of styles.
The whole shape of the utopia would be resembling the Grand Central Station (GCS) from the movie Wreck It Ralph, with the big main bubble containing the mall, general buildings for the communities, i.e. schools, police stations, etc, and the big bubbles would be surrounded by a ring of the houses from the outside. They would still be inside a protective "cover" like a see through tunnel, but it would surround the GCS.
Will your utopia be vegetarian, omnivorous, or will food choice be an individual matter?
Food choice in the utopia will be an individual matter amongst the citizens so nothing gets conflicted and everyone gets to choose what or what not that they put inside their own bodies.
People should get the choice of what to eat because in Unis Terres, individuality is recognized and pursued daily, allowing the citizens to do what they please and what benefits the community as a whole.

Would your utopia have high population density or low population density?
Will agriculture be the province of factory farms, as at the present, or will smaller units carry on agriculture production?
Agriculture will be a combination between both factory farms and smaller units because doing so, this gives the society different options on what they can eat, like in the question above.
Using both methods can also be a way of receiving different types of foods and produce.
Will animals be raised and slaughtered for food?
Animal slaughtering will be accepted in Unis Terres, however it will be done to a point because of the possibilities of extinction,
This will happen as long as the population of the animal is balanced and not showing any hint of declining, since at this time of where Earth is at with dying species, it is very important we don't eliminate any other species for the benefit of ourselves.
Will animals be kept as pets?
Yes, animals will be kept as pets because taking care of something that you can call your own teaches the idea of responsibility and loyalty.
Having pets will be encouraged here at Unis Terres also because it's a stress reliever and can be a way to get over the loss of a loved one or depressing events going on in one's life.
Health and Medicine
Antisocial Behavior and Conflict Resolution
Our utopia will have high population density because Unis Terres believes in freedom and having the right to have as many children as you want in you family.
Military and War
How will your utopia deal with those who harm themselves and/or others?
How will it deal with conflicts between individuals?
If a member of Unis Terres is harming themself or others, that person will be treated fairly as a warning, and will be sent to a psychiatrist to try and deal with his/her problems.
If the problems persist, or seem to be getting worse, the citizen will be sent out of the dome because that person has caused problems within the society.
If problems arise amongst the citizens, Unis Terres will let the citizens try to solve the problems themselves.
It the problem is not solved, or it is worsened, it is taken to the government so that everyone can work in harmonious peace once again.
What kinds of transportation will it use? Will any kinds of transportation be encouraged or discouraged?
As mentioned earlier in the prezi, biking for our utopia is necessary to all citizens of Unis Terres, and this way, these forms of transportation will keep all our utopia healthy and active.
The only vehicle(s) running on gas would include the ambulances, the fire trucks, and police cars, for if there was crime, the cars and trucks would get the officials or medicals there faster, in safety for all of Unis Terres.
Hovers would be the type of transportation used to import and export goods and food from the producer's factories and farms, which would be operated and controlled from the producer's offices.
The hovers would be a slim piece of metal with rubber like padding at the top to cushion the surface of the supplies, and the hovers would lift off the ground about two feet and would be able to carry up to 5000 lbs. of supplies.
How will your utopia deal with sewage and other waste problems?
The sewage would be designed where there would be pipes running on the sides of the utopia underground, and the pipes would lead the waste to certain landfills away from the Amazon jungle. Other types of waste would also be transported by hovers used only to carry waste, towards the same landfills used.
Will your utopia have private, self contained dwellings, or will it have private, but non self contained living spaces?
Example of self decorated living space
Unis Terres will have present detached houses, that will stand alone but will be similar looking to the houses lined along the neighborhood's street.
This gives families or individuals freedom to decorate their house's interior, and the privacy and security of a home you can be protected in from everyone else.
Will your utopia have private or communal dining facilities, or a combination of the two?
To be able to eat and dine around your individual busy schedule, but to also grow the bond of friendship and enjoying other people's company while eating, Unis Terres will have a combination of both a private and communal dining facility.
During the weekdays Monday through Thursday, families and citizens will eat at home or at restaurants around the mall and the Grand Central Station.
But during the weekends, when the rush and business of everyone dies down a bit, citizens accustom to eat and interact with other citizens of Unis Terres at the pavilion, located in the Grand Central Station.
This gives both the advantages to have the opportunity of eating whenever you can or want during the weekdays, but to also make it a tradition to eat with family and friends on the weekends.
Home dining area
Unis Terres Pavilion
Thank you for your consideration on Unis Terres for a perfect society
Will your utopia use Western medicine?
Will it utilize alternative approaches?
Yes, Unis Terres will use Western medicine because we believe that everyone should be in good health and when sick, the medicine will work effectively and quickly so that person will be able to get back to routine fast.
Western medicine will be the main way any illness is treated in our society.
Yes, our utopia will also utilize alternative approaches to illness such as acupuncture, chiropractic approaches, herbs, etcetera, because it is another way of treating illness (other than taking pills that can be harmful).
Alternative approaches can be an easier and safer way to cure illness and will be used by some in Unis Terres.
Will everyone have equal access to medical treatment?
How will you utopia deal with death?
Yes, in Unis Terres, everyone will have equal access to medical treatment because equality is very important in our society and to the citizens.
Everyone deserves to be healthy and without illness, because it wouldn't be fair to give one better medicine than another.
In our society, if someone dies, people will be allowed to grieve because the loss of a loved one is always very sad.
People will be allowed to host funerals and invite as many people as they want to commemorate the live of someone who passed away with a proper burial.
Will your utopia have some kind of defense or police force?
In Unis Terres, there will be no war with other societies and communities, so a conventional army will not be necessary.
However, inside the society, there will be a defense force to enforce the Utopia's Foundations and make sure that everyone is safe and out of trouble, like patrols.
This is just in case IF anyone wants to rebel against the government, which is very unlikely.
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