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Why iPhones should be alowed in school

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Khushbakht Sarwar

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Why iPhones should be alowed in school

Why iPhones should be allowed in school!!! By Claire Hammond
and Khushbakht Sarwar On the iPhone there are thousands of educational apps and most are free or cost very little. Teachers could recommend apps for their students to download, & assign homework. Also students can download iBooks, another app that lets students download books to read which will also save more paper. The app has a section full of free books if you don't want to buy any. If someone were to break into the school and cut the land line, then the wall phones would not work. that would require a personal phone to alert 911 services. An iPhone would be very helpful in this situation. WUT WUT WUT WUT THIS IS OUR PRESENTATION Thank You For Watching! Khushbakht Sarwar Khushbakht Sarwar Claire Hammond Claire Hammond Saves Paper!!! Emergencies! Record class conversations! With the voice memos app that comes with the iPhone for free we can record class conversations, so when we have to study we can listen to previous recordings.
DID YOU GET THE MEMO? If we were allowed to bring iPhones to school it could save paper and money because we could take notes on it. The extra money could go to field trip funds, and other school activities. Educational Apps & E-books! :) YUP HeY yOu, Ya YoU
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