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My MSc Thesis Prezi - CR Presentation

My MSc Thesis Prezi Presentation related to the undergraduate course of Conflict Resolution, at the Department of Social and Political Science, at the University of Cyprus.

Vasilis Kiliaris

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of My MSc Thesis Prezi - CR Presentation

Thesis Structure - Contents Introduction – …
I. On International Regional Organizations
- The evolution of the international system of states
- Regional Arrangements (UN Charter – Chapter VIII)
- A Descriptive approach Thesis Framework POSTGRADUATE PROGRAM OF STUDIES

SUPERVISOR: Professor Naskou-Perraki PAROULA

Subject: The role of Regional and International Organizations in Conflic Resolution:
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Original language [Greek]: Ο ρόλος των Διεθνών Περιφερειακών Οργανισμών στην Επίλυση Συγκρούσεων:
Ο Οργανισμός του Βορειο-Ατλαντικού Συμφώνου (ΝΑΤΟ)
Original Research Proposal at the PRIO Cyprus Center: A comparative study of the Cyprus Problem and the Kosovo Issue and their potential relation within a NATO-safety (security) provision solution. Two Year’s post-graduate curriculum (3 semesters + 1 for Thesis)
After concluding courses, interrupted Master to go abroad for traineeship at the EU
March – July 2009, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO - today: D-G for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection).
Policy development-Follow up of humanitarian aid policy
Analysis and development of the financial framework for humanitarian aid operations
November 2009, short-period Internship at the PRIO Cyprus Center Traineeships/Internships Ante Thesis Outline Contents III. Legality/Compatibility of NATO : UNO
[NATO as a Regional Arrangement (Organization)]
- Action with respect to Threats to the Peace, Breaches of the Peace, and Acts of Aggression
(UN Charter – Chapter VII)
- Conflict Resolution under International Law:
Legality-Legitimacy of international interventions Conflict Resolution under International Law: Legality-Legitimacy of international interventions Contents IV. The role of NATO in Conflict Resolution:
-A Regional-International System of Collective Security and Defense of an International Society of States
-NATO’s future: The Responsibility to Protect
(RtoP) doctrine
Conclusions Definitions Security (an essentially contested concept)
Philosophy of Knowledge
Epistemology (how do we know things?)
Ontology (what phenomena do we think make up the social world?)
Method (how we should study the social world)
P.D. Williams, 2008: 5-6)
... Security
Micro-level: pursuit of freedom from threat
Macro-level: states ability to retain their independent identity and functional integrity
(B. Buzan, 2008: 229)
Micro-level: the alleviation of threats to cherished values (P.D. Williams, 2008: 5)
Macro-level: “survival-plus” (K. Booth, 2007), i.e. plus = “some freedom from life-determining threats, and therefore some life choices” Definitions Frozen Conflict – a prolonged conflict case study, such as Cyprus (1974), Bosnia i Herzegovina (1995), Kosovo (1999)
or “an unsolved, protracted, stagnant, enduring or prolonged conflict” (F. Morar, 2010:11)
Conflict Resolution – Giving Solution to a state of tension due to believed incompatibility between actions or goals or positions (M. Hadjipavlou, 2013)
& The methods and process of negotiation, arbitration, and institution building which promote the peaceful ending of social conflict and war. (The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics, 2009) PARADIGMS (Annex VIII) Classification of the International Relations Paradigms based on the Approach (ideas) of the English School on International Society
The idea of international society is an essential element in the study of international relations (B. Buzan, 1993)
According to Hedley Bull (2001:51):
A Society of States - International Society – exists, when a group of states being conscious of specific common interests and shared values ​​shape a society in the sense that they perceive themselves to be linked to a common set of rules binding their relations and to participate in the functioning of common institutions. Approach of the English School on International Society Theoretical debates of the IR Science A simplified version of Watson’s (2009) metaphorical pendulum On my Thesis: What, Why & How? Why this title (Subject)?
What my Thesis is (was) about??
Why this specific methodology, these theories and tools???
How the Thesis was structured?
Introduction - 4 Chapters - Conclusion, 8 Annexes, Bibliography & Abbreviations with Index

"Each of us is a source of learning for the Other"
(M. Hadjipavlou) Why this title (Subject)? Initial plan to do a comparative study of two frozen conflicts (Cyprus Problem and Kosovo Issue) and the role NATO had/has on the resolution of their respective security issues.
Adjusted on Research interests/agenda AND
“On the field” experience, from Brussels (DG ECHO) and Nicosia (PRIO CC) What my Thesis is (was) about?? Generally, to examine the role of the International Regional Organizations (IROs) in Conflict Resolution.
More specifically, the role that NATO had or potentially has on conflicts round the globe AND if NATO's interventions enable legality and legitimacy.
Basic question: How IROs (thus NATO included), in the framework of the United Nations Organization system, guarantee (or secure) security issue in the examined frozen conflict case studies (e.g. BiH, Kosovo, Afghanistan), i.e. how IROs have impact on an ongoing conflict, thus transforming it into a frozen one! Why this specific methodology, these theories and tools??? Incorporating International Law in the analysis, with the UN Charter in its epicenter, including International Jurisprudence and International Treaties, my argument takes shape, whether international interventions, on a case by case study, are legal and/or legitimate.
Realism Paradigm (Traditional Paradigm)_Structural Realism Approach
Hegemonic Norm
English School Approach (Idea) on International Society
Major hypothesis:
- If NATO = IRO &
- If UN SC/GA Resolution (assigning mandate to an IRO, such as NATO), then
- Peace, Order and Security (Int. Society) are secured/guaranteed through an International Intervention (under the Responsibility to Protect doctrine). Thank you for your attention!
Teşekkür ederım!
Σας ευχαριστώ!

Tel.: +357 99 097 777
E-mail: vkiliaris@gmail.com
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