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History of Scientific Efforts to Artificially increase Human

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maddie klaassen

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of History of Scientific Efforts to Artificially increase Human

History of Scientific Efforts to Artificially increase Human Intelligence
Nootropics are a kind of brain enhancing drugs, that are thought to ]work by slightly changing the availibility of the brain's access to neurochemicals, ( a drug or other substance that affects the nervous system), by improving the brain's oxygen supply. Nootropics are thought to help people with Parkinsons, but the worry is what affect will they have on a normal human? The success of these drugs are not determined
Brain Enhancing Drugs
In 2008, a study was published,
Improving Fluid intelligence with Training Working On Memory,
by Jaeggi, Buschkuehl, Jonides, and Perrig. It was believed possible to increase intelligence through training.
Improving Fluid Intelligence
Cognition is how a person understands, and acts in the world. Cognitive abilities are how we learn, problem solve, and pay attention rather than with any actual knowledge. It is a set of abilities that are part of almost every human action
Cognitive Abilities
People have discovered that putting human cells into the brains of a mice, neuroscientists were able to enhance the mouse's cognitive abilities. The scientists working on this experiment have recreated a new race of mice called Human Chimeric Mice- ones that are gifted with human cells.
Mouse Intelligence

They discovered that fluid intelligence is
trainable, and the more you train, the more
you gain. Anyone can increase it.
Fluid Intelligence is your capacity to learn new information.
What is Fluid Intelligence?
Nootropics are designed to boost memory, attention span, and cognitive function, that improve one or more parts of mental function.

Fluid intelligence tends to decrease during late adulthood
The Study of Artificial Intelligence began in 1956 at Dartmouth College by a group of scientists to mechanically copy human intelligence.
Cortical Simulation
A few studies in the last few years have shown promising results from applying electrical current to your brain by using a piece of technology known as TRANSCANIAL DIRECT CURRENT SIMULATION (tdcs). This was discovered in 2010, when a group of researchers published a study on it.
This is the chart of the results.
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