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Agilite Weapon Shelf™ and MQD™

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Elie Isaacson

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Agilite Weapon Shelf™ and MQD™

During combat operations or training, troops must keep their weapons in a forward, ready position.
Especially when wearing backpacks, the weapon invariably hangs from the neck or puts weight on the hands as their backpacks prevent them from putting their weapon slings around their shoulders.
The result is that soldiers "hug" their weapon causing:
Unnecessary Fatigue
Agitation and chafing of the neck
Reduced Combat Readiness

To solve this problem, Agilite designers looked into carrying and mounting systems from a variety of fields that would relieve the weight of the weapon from the neck or hands but maintain it in a forward, instantly deployable position:

Research and Development
The desired solution was to mount the weapon on the sternum area to relieve it’s weight, while keeping it up front and accessible

Research and Development
The product needs to connect to standard modular gear worn by the military personnel, Law Enforcement officers standing guard and sports shooters.

The mount needs to interact with standard PALS webbing and act as a shelf to support the weapon while keeping the weapon in a traditional forward position

First Concepts
The optimal solution involved a two-piece design. One back plate that fits behind PALS webbing and a forward piece that connects to it, on which the weapon rests

We began to look for the best shape of forward piece that uses the shape and weight dispersion of the average carbine:

We also wanted it to accommodate the
X95 Micro Tavor Rifle
, Israel’s now standard-issue combat rifle, a bullpup weapon with a completely different weight dispersal.

The mount needs to retain a weapon well, while not delaying its deployment in the event of contact with the enemy.

The Result
The Result
The final shape supports the rifle, transfers it’s weight to the wearer’s shoulders and back and maintains the weapon in a forward, accessible position without any additional steps required to deploy the weapon in an emergency. The product will be made form a polymer/fiberglass composite for ultimate strength and durability.

Two Products in One
Phase II-Machine Guns and Other Weapons
Phase II- Machine Guns and Other Weapons
The MQD and Weapon Shelf platform will be extended to accomodate larger weapons, such as the SAW and Negev Machine guns. With heavier, bulkier weapons, the discomfort is highly exaggerated and in addition, carrying heavy weight in a forward position causes the hands to shake, affecting accuracy and inducing unnecessary fatigue.
The Machine Gun Rest version of the Weapon Shelf will employ an additional rear MQD and a new polymer front piece:
Alpha II Machine Gun Mount
The front piece connects to the back piece by way of quick release pins instead of screws as originally intended

Machine Guns and Other Weapons
The Weapon Shelf Machine Gun polymer variant will create a shelf-like rest that transfers the weight of the weapon to the wearer's shoulders and back while the weapon remains instantly deployable.

The MQD platform can also be adapted for other weapons and loads that will have custom-made front polmer rests.
Agilite Systems Inc. Coypright 2017 .
The Issue
Micro Tavor
Micro Tavor
Rear Piece-MQD Molle Quick Release Socket

The QDM is designed to work with either short standard rifle sling QD Swivels or longer quick release pins when attaching a polymer Rifle Rest or other polymer front pieces respectively.

Energy is wasted attempting to balance the weapon on magazine pouches to transfer some of the weight to their gear.
It is an issue familiar to every Soldier and Marine as it causes irritation and discomfort.
It often causes troops to carry their weapon lower in a less combat-ready position.
Initial Concepts
Research & Development
Initial Concepts
The problem is common to different armies and weapons
The necessity for the two pieces to attach lead to the invention of an entirely new product, the Quick Detach MOLLE-based QD Swivel socket or "QDM". While the QD socket has become standard in the firearms industry, until now no one has made a QD socket for Molle which allows for exponentially greater interaction between rifles, their slings and load bearing gear.
The MDM Also allows the user to connect their rifle or any other load directly to any molle vest or other gear item and relieve weight while remaining instantly detachable. Applications include medics who need to secure their weapon so it does not swing back around and injure a casualty or SF wanting to secure their weapon during freefall.

Aside from the Weapon Shelf front attachment piece and other forward polymer attachments for pistols, sniper rifles and machine guns, Agilite are also planning a line of slings that use QDM's to attach directly to the vest, spreading the load and avoiding neck chafing, an all-too-common problem.
Front Piece
The Weapon Shelf, the first of several polymer forward attachments for resting weapons and transferring some of their weight to the wearer's shoulders and back.
Additional Developments-QDM-based Rifle Sling Series
Target Markets-QDM
The QDM has large potential in both the firearm accessory and Government markets but we see particularly greater opportunity in the firearm accessory market which is unanimously adopting QD sockets as the primary attachment system. We are the first company to patent a QD platform for Molle gear. This allows for new versatility in the interaction between weapons and gear.
The secondary market for the QDM is the Military market
Target Markets-Rifle Rest
The primary target market for the Rifle Rest is Military and other Government Agencies who carry both firearms and backpacks or who stand guard with firearms for extended periods.

We also predict a secondary demand in the civilian firearms accessory market
Next Steps
Two Products in One
Initial testing,validation and patenting of both the Weapon Shelf and MQD has been completed in Israel and we are looking to place trial units with US SF and other key personnel in North America to provide additional feedback and fine-tune the products to make them optimal for the needs of NA Military & Law Enforcement ahead of mass production.
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