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Arla foods and cartoon crisis

No description

hussain Al-qabandy

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Arla foods and cartoon crisis

Arla Food and Carton Crisis The conflict escalated and resulted in a diplomatic crisis between Denmark and many Arab countries, which amongst other things lead to a trade boycott of Danish manufactured products in the Middle East, some of Arla Foods’ employees were assaulted and the Danish flag was burned at many of the daily demonstrations Boycott from Arab Countries Arla foods history On 30 September 2005, Jyllands-Posten, a Danish newspaper, published 12 satiric cartoons depicting Muhammad, Islam’s prophet. These cartoons caused great upheaval in many Islamic countries and lead to many demonstrations. Afterwards, the cartoons were published once again in Weekendavisen, another Danish newspaper, and in a Norwegian newspaper. The Conflict
Libya: closes the Danish embassy in Tripoli.

Palestinians: burn Danish flag

Beirut: the sales of Danish food products dropped by 37 percent.

Jordan: major media outlets launched a massive campaign entitled"The prophet unites us". The campaign printed hundreds of posters displaying pictures of Danish products with a message urging consumers to boycott them.

Gulf countries: removed all the products from the markets. 1- evaluate arla's statement in teems in of whether the company did a good job in overcoming potential barriers in this one way communication ?

- Arla food did realy good job to overcomeing the potential barriers , because they made up apology statement for the unfortunate event

2- What in your opinion is the most impressive statement in the above communication ? why ?

- " Esteemed citizens, the years that we have spent in your world have taught us that justice and tolerance are the fundamental values in Islam "
They didn't agree with the newspaper and knew the values of Islam This company founded in 1869
The employees were 18,200
An Arla food is a cooperative formed by the 2000 merger between Sweden Arla and Denmark MD food. An Arla food is a global dairy company and cooperative owned by over 7,000 Danish and Swedish dairy farmers. It started over 120 years ago independent farmers wanted to create better products by gathering

together the idea of a co-operative society was born.
It started in Scandinavia and now they are the global company. The Consequences The product of Danish were effected specially boycott by a lot of Arab and Islamic countries Danish intentions and traders paid a large number of taxes Exports of Denmark decline in the Middle East such as they loss lots of money because they boycott Setting fire in the Danish embassy and shake the Danish ambassador. Close Arla food factory in the Middle East
Thousand of job were threaten because of boycott which will affect in the economy of Danish Arla Food History 1-don’t agree with the new paper
2-40 years of history in the Middle East
3-understand and respect our action
4- 10,000 Muslims employees and 250 worker After the event, arla food loses her Arabs customers and no one buy from them for many months. Then arla foods want to get back things together, so they write a statement Arla Statement
3-Do you believe the boycott ended because of the communication power of the above advertisement or was it due to other reasons?

- We think the boycott ended due to the other reasons .The first reason is the arab countries have short memory
the secound reason they need arla's products Discussion Thank You For Listening
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