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Going Beyond the Classic Book Report

No description

Allison Friedman

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of Going Beyond the Classic Book Report

Why Would Teachers Want To Use These Tools?
Students Need to Create!
Create Your Own Animated Videos!!!
Let's Create Our Own Projects!!
Let's Web 2.0!
What is
Web 2.0??

A digital posterboard/collage
Going Beyond the Classic Book Report
*These tools are Interactive

*These tools are Engaging

*These tools allow students to be Creative

*These tools encourage Sharing

*These tools encourage Collaboration

*These tools work on many levels of
Blooms Taxonomy of Learning

*These tools encourage
21st Century Learning Skills
Students can create a digital poster that contains pictures, graphics, audio, and video.
Students can also embed materials created from other tools (ie. youtube, goanimate, etc)
Student presentations
Teacher how to's
Teacher Website
Graphic organizers
All About Me (teacher/student)
Vocab Posters/Word of the Day
Sharing resources

Lucas' Presentation on the Violin:
Jaren's Presentation on the Clarinet:
Emily's Presentation on the French Horn:
Room 214 Happenings:
Introductions to Lessons
A hook to engage students
Help illustrate a new concept/idea
Student projects
Help students practice conversation skills
For students to share new knowledge
Student or Teacher presentations
School assemblies
Open House Videos
Derrick's Presentation on the Saxophone:
Charlie's Presentation on the Trombone:
Daisy's Presentation on the Violin:
Mrs. Friedman's 2013 Open House Video:
How can you use GlogsterEDU in your classroom?
Potential Problems/Issues That You May Encounter When Using Web 2.0 Tools With Your Students:
* Access to Computers & Internet In School

* Ability for Students to Work at Home

* Tablets (iPads, iPhones, Android Devices)

* Chromebooks

* Subscriptions
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