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6 Ways to boost your classroom dynamics

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Garima Gaur

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of 6 Ways to boost your classroom dynamics

Ways to boost your classroom dynamics
Changing classroom dynamics mean there is no time for boredom as students are busy with meaningful activities and projects. The more interesting and appealing these activities are, the more fascinating the lesson will be for the students.
Offers a range of different ways to cover a topic.
Is more effective and appealing.
Introduces a range of teaching approaches such as experiential learning or team work.
Engage students and make learning more meaningful.
What is a dynamic classroom?
Why dynamics in the classroom is important?
6 Ways to boost your classroom dynamics

Offers students various opportunities to explore to understand the topic.
Different types of activities and teaching methods are applied as per the need of each individual learning styles.
Have a balance of static and interactive elements.
Allow some time for individual work and cooperation
Uses various tools and resources such as apps and games, everyday objects, magazines, books and toys to appeal to students’ needs and preferences.
The teacher uses various teaching approaches such as hands-on activities, projects, team work and outings.
Experiential learning
One of the best tools to facilitating learning processes.
Students can explore on their own.
Will not get bored and misbehave so easily.
Will understand what you are trying to teach them more.
Make sure you offer your students some time to learn by doing.
They can work individually or in teams.
Offer different experience that can be scientific experiments, app testing, cooking, construction to field work.
Keeps students motivated
Facilitates learning
Appeals to individual learning styles
Important for students’ health
Incorporates different learning styles
Takes care of individual learning pace of students’ development, and their special needs and requirements.
Some students learn by moving around, others by working in team.
But all of them have special talents and interests which they should be able to explore and use during classes.
Offer a dynamic environment
Students can move around freely while being engaged in a meaningful project.
They can even be loud during their brainstorming sessions which will help to satisfy their natural needs even more.
Sitting in one place for the whole lesson is not a good example of a dynamic classroom.
Children are very active and this need has to be satisfied in full, otherwise they start to misbehave or may develop concentration and posture problems.

The easiest and most pedagogically appropriate way of boosting your classroom dynamics:
Students have no time to be bored
Enjoy your classes
Students’ health and their overall well-being
Offer a balanced learning environment
Adopt a few simple strategies and introducing .
Activities promoting movement
There are many ways to offer some movement in a classroom environment in a controlled way.
Group activities where students need to move from one person/group to another to discuss or work on a specific issue.
Working stations is another great way to make sure your students do not sit at their tables all the time.
They can be easily set up as part of an ongoing project or as a temporary thing.
Depending on your students’ needs, you may create theme-based working stations and encourage your students to help
you set them up.
To promote movement even further you may also introduce short and funny games and quizzes.
Team work
and cooperation
Gets students motivated as they are working together to achieve the same goal.
Facilitates more informal atmosphere.
Encourages communication.
Helps to reduce the tensions related to not understanding the task, not being able to complete it and having to struggle with it alone.
Makes it easier to ask for directions or advice, and it facilitates learning in general.
Introduce teamwork activities on a daily basis,
Have them work on different projects together.
Encourage them to change teams
Use variety of resources and tools to help them complete their projects.
Background music
Playing relaxing music at the background while your students are busy working on a project is a great way to facilitate learning and promote relaxation.
Usually there will be no dancing involved but the background music will help to create a pleasant atmosphere and support effortless concentration.
It is better to limit the music sessions to one or two during each class for it to have a refreshing rather than disturbing effect.
and discussing
Discuss controversial topics, ask your students for their opinions and organise intensive brainstorming sessions to activate your students and offer them opportunities to express themselves.
Make it your habit to ask your students' opinions e.g. after reading sessions or scientific experiments, events they took part in, etc.
For example before your planned activities to encourage predicting and planning, or after the activities to promote reflection and reasoning.
Depending on your students’ age and stage of development, offer some attractive and modern resources, such as toys and learning equipment that will help keep your students busy and excited.
Incorporate them into special projects, team work sessions and experiments, or they can be available to your students at all time.
Resources should be of good quality and should not pose any risk of harm to the students.
Make sure the resources that can be easily accessed and enjoyed without too much restrictions.
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