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Uses and Production Process

Prezi on production and uses. Unit 17 task 1B

Jonathan Armstrong

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Uses and Production Process

By Jonathan Armstrong Unit 17 Task 1B&C Uses and production process Concptulisation is when people being to plan a product. They decide on all the specifications before actually making the product. They would also decide on the aim of the product.

The developers may do market research in order to see what the public want. With the market research a product could be made that would appeal to a wide variety of people. Conceptulisation/Planning This is when the developers start to draw concepts of the product. They would decide on design specifications such as: colour, appearance, functions etc. For interactive media products they would need to decide on the content of the product such as: text, images and gaming content.

Some of the concepts may be an animation or storyboard so that they can see what the user interface will be like. They would base the design on the research they obtained so it would appeal to their target market. Design After the design process it would then be down for the software developers to create the product. They may not follow the design exactly because the software developers may not be able to follow every bit of information in the design.

For creating interactive media products the software developers will need to create each component separately. Creation This is when all the interactive media product's components have been created. All of the separate components will be put together so that they can create their final product. Implementation After the product has been made a test is required. The product has a trial to see if there are any errors. If there are only small errors they can be easily amended. If there are really bad errors they will need to be amended as well before it is able to be accessed by the public which could save the products reputation. Testing Review and Evaluation This is when the product is used as a form of promotion. It could be used to advertise a certain product. For example smartphone software could be used to advertise products and make the developer some money. The product could also be advertised in another interactive media product. The developers could pay to have an advert of it in a smartphone app advert so then it gets recognition. Marketing, promotion & Advertising Some interactive media can be used for educational purposes. Active Teach make interactive textbooks for school subjects and many smartphone apps are educational in some way. Other examples are CD-ROMS which can be used for interactive learning. The interactive media that is very interactive is more designed at children in primary schools because children at that age learn more through visuals rather than reading. Education, Training & Assessment Entertainment Some media is used to entertain people. BBC iplayer apps are used to watch BBC TV so it is a form of entertainment. There are many apps that allow the user to listen to music and often cinemas have apps that allows the user to read reviews and watch film trailers. Games, VR & Simulation Projects can be used to display information. Smartphone apps such as the Wikipedia app get information from Wikipedia and displays it on mobile devices.

The BBC News app is an example of a journalism app. It displays information about current affairs on devices and it also has a website so it can be viewed on PCs. Journalism & Information A screen shot from Active Teach History BBC iplayer is available on the android operating system Often media is used in games. Apps such as Angry birds is one of the most popular mobile phone games. They are usually on smartphones or can be in a swf file and published on the web where anyone can play with it. Virtual reality is also a popular industry one of the most well known VR simulators is the Xbox 360's Kinect which allows you to use your whole body in game play.

The popular PS3 game Gran Turismo 5 is a simulation game. The tracks are based on real life tracks and you can get a gaming wheel which could make it feel like a real life experience. BBC News is available on most smartphone operating systems Many smartphones use advertsing in software After the testing the product will be evaluated. The reviewers will check the product to see if it meets its aim before distributing it. The product should be close to its original design or there would have been no point in designing it. It is an interactive media product so it should most importantly be interactive.
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