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The Reptile Room

No description

brian kelly

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of The Reptile Room

The Reptile Room Protagonist Mood Setting Conflict

The conflict was that count Olaf was trying to kill the orphans and the orphans are having a hard time trying to tell Uncle Monty Inciting Moment

The inciting moment of the book the was when Count Olaf arrived at Uncle Montys mansion disguised as his assistant but the orphans knew who he was. Climax

The climax was when Mr. Poe found out Olaf killed Uncle Monty and than Count Olaf escaped Falling action
At the end of the book the Baudelaire orphans acknowledge there brilliance while watch the Moving Company take away all of Uncle Monty's furniture and reptiles. The Baudelaire Orphins Sunny


Violet Sunny

* The youngest of the three

* Bites everything she gets

*Becomes friends with the most dangerous viper Klaus

* The second oldest

* Really likes to read

* Probably the smartest out of the three Violet

* Oldest of The three* Likes to invent things* Probably going to invent things for a living. The mood of this book is depressing obviousley because the series is named "A series of unfortunate events" The story mostly takes place in Uncle Montgomery's mansion in the reptile room thats why the book is named "The Reptile Room" Minor character

* One minor character was uncle Monty
* He was the Baudelaire orphans guardian
* He was a scientist who study reptiles
* He was killed by Count Olaf Antagonist Antagonist

*The Antagonist is Count Olaf
* He previosly the orphans guardian
*Hes After the fortune the orphans are going to inherit
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