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Costa's Levels of Questioning

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Devin Heggie

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Costa's Levels of Questioning

Costa's Levels of Questioning
Developing Questions
In your group, develop Level 2 and 3 questions that correspond to each Level 1 question provided for the fairy tale “Cinderella.”
Identifying the Costa's Level
With a shoulder partner, determine the Costa's level for each of the following questions.
Teachers will have more rigorous learning environments where the students are working at a high level.

Differences from Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy is divided into 6 different levels from low level questions to higher level questions.
Three Story House
Surface (Gathering) Level
Fact-based questions
Answers are found in the text
Recalled information
Typically short answers
What information is given?

List the names of appropriate tools used in carpentry.
Middle (Processing) Level
Involves making connections
Process the information
Making inferences, comparisons, and analysis
Compare and contrast the characters Ralph and Piggy.

Infer what may have caused the boys to start turning on each other.
High (Application) Level
Predict what will happen to enzymatic rate as temperature increases.

How would repeated trials affect your data?
Involves developing your own interpretation, speculating, and predicting outcomes
Applying the information
1. What are the names of the three stepsisters?

2. Who is the person that grants Cinderella her wish of attending the ball?

3. What was Cinderella's coach made out of?
1. If there were a Constitutional amendment that prohibited ownership of weapons by citizens, how might American society be affected?
3. Compare and contrast genes and chromosomes.
2. What formula would you use in this problem?
4. Explain why diesel fuel can not be used in an unleaded gas car.
Dr. Arthur Costa
Dr. Arthur Costa is an edcuator who specializes in helping educators teach higher level thinking skills.
Students will be able to think and work at a high level so that as they move onto college or career, they can contribute in a variety of settings.
What do students get out of this?
To better understand the content being presented in their core subject areas, it is essential for students to learn to think critically and to answer and ask higher levels of questions. By being asked higher levels of questions, students deepen their knowledge and create connections to the material being presented, which in turn prepares them for the inquiry. As teachers we need to be familiar with Costa’s levels of questioning to assist in formulating higher levels of questions to challenge our students.
What do we get out of this?
Do Now
Complete a Quickwrite by answering the following: What is the importance of utilizing Bloom's Taxonomy?
*A Quickwrite is an AVID stragety that allows students to think critically by prompting them to access their prior knowledge on a topic. They are focused and short (1-5mins).
I CAN utilize Costa's Levels of Questioning to increase the rigor in my classroom by encouraging higher level thinking skills.
Exit Ticket
1. How will you incorporate Costa's Levels of Questioning into your lessons?

2. What other questions do you still have at this time?
To access this Prezi use the QR code below
If you have any additional questions about any AVID technique, feel free to email me or any other AVID teacher. Also if you have any questions about Prezi feel free to email me also!
heggied@scsk12.org and devin.heggie@gmail.com
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