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Chernobyl incedent

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Chernobyl incedent

What happened in the factory
The workers were working in the work room when they felt a shake (almost as hard as a shockwave) go surging through the room. They entered the next room and saw reactor 4 had blown up.
Acid rain in Germany
air pollution in UK
It comes mainly from car emissions and gets trapped between buildings. In 1952 there was an event in history in London called the great smog.
Issues in Europe
BY: Mark Kelley &
Cole Moody
1st Period
Social Studies

The day before the incident
The people had no idea that the very next day there would be a horrible disaster that would cause most to die and others to leave.
After the radiation spread, even some other countries around Ukraine received the radiation.
It receives the acid rain by wind from the gulf stream and the pollution comes from the United Kingdom.
The Great Smog
On the day the reactor blew up, was the day they were manufacturing a nuclear bomb.
This event occured in Chernobyl, Ukraine
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