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Compare and Contrast

No description

Victoria O'Toole

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast

Two Ways to do an Essay
Brief Overview
51% Minority

Orangutans compare to humans when it comes to their behavior and social habits.
Ryely, Victoria & Caitlyn
Compare and Contrast
Cows and Whales
Thanks for Listening
The state of being strikingly different from something else.
Estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between two or more subjects
Generally only use one or the other to make a point stand out
Must have two subjects of the same general type
Need examples to compare/contrast
Can not do something unrealistic because then it becomes analogy
Cannot simply announce they are similar or different, must explain
"One of the things, both cows and whales are eaten by people in some countries as edible meat."
"....many cows are slaughtered everyday....whales are protected by national law..."
"...cows are important provisions for all over the world. However, whales are important edible animals only in a few countries."
"Cows are raised by farmers that are surrounded by fences. They don't have any future... on the other hand, whales are free in a huge ocean. They can swim and travel wherever they want. Even though, they are caught by people, other whales have a future."
Methods of Development
Thesis: Cows and Whales are both used for meat, and yet they are dissimilar in the certainty of their future.
Divide essay into halves
Divide the subjects into separate points
by Birute Galdikas
Methods of Development
Reference to authority

Compare and contrast

Stylistic Devices


: That women face discrimination on a daily basis. "But all these discriminatory practices are being inflicted on woman today..."
Compare and Contrast
Comparing Men and other races and even quirks to the rights that a woman is confronted with
Methods of Development
Stylistic Techniques
Repition of examples
Stylistic Techniques
Repetition: The slaughtering of both cows and whales.

"...many cows are slaughtered everyday."
Division: The author divided this essay into 3 parts (safety, relevance to food, where they grow).
Example: An apple is similar to an orange in shape, but not in color.
Example: Cats and Dogs.
Compare and Contrast
"Mr. Achyar was slim and slightly stooped, in this particular orangutan hierarchy he was the dominant male"
"the great forest of Borneo, the second largest continuous stretch of tropical rain forest in the world"
"elongated orangutan face with its delicately etched features looked tired... the tiny wrinkled, nude face of Akmad's newborn infant"
"The light of the late afternoon sun shone through Akmad's long auburn hair, silhouetting her form in an incandescent halo"
Doris Anderson

Gladikas vs Mr. Achyar

other orangutans vs Akamd

human relationships ->orangutan relationships


"Akmad's liquid brown eyes remained expressionless" - "Her hair went erect, tripling in size, and she lunged at Mr. Archyar, her fangs glistening , the soft expression o her face gone"
"Without hesitating, I reached out and pulled the fern form her infants hair. Akmad did not blink to acknowledge me"- " His finger never touched the infants head. Without warning, Akmad recoiled"
"'I have never been attacked by an orangutan before. They are all my children and my friends" He sighed, 'Akmad is the gentlest of the all. I never expected her to attack me.'"
"They are all my children and friends"
"elongated orangutan face with it's delicately etched features looked tired"- "tiny, wrinkled, nude face of Akmad's newborn infant"
hello aliens of the world.....
"His brow reflected the courtesy typical of tradition Dayaks. Paradoxically, these most gentle and courteous of any people were once fierce headhunters, the 'wild men of Borneo'"
Uses examples
Has a satire like view
Emotional Appeals
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