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ToniAmanda Madison

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Chocolate

Chocolate Wonderfall
The Chocolate Wonderfall is a chocolate dipping area complete with a layered fountain that pours down melted chocolate.
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
How widely is chocolate
Americans are the number
one consumer of chocolate.
Almost 97% of women consume chocolate and men consume
almost 87% of chocolate.
Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Boxes of Love
Chocolate is a sweetened
food produced by the cacao

Chocolate manufacturers
currently use 40% of the
world's almonds and 20%
of the world's peanuts.
The biggest bar of chocolate ever made was 5,000 pounds.
By: ToniAmanda Madison
An average American will eat about 10-12 pounds of
chocolate per year.
White Chocolate
Cacoa Trees
Cacao trees produce marketable cacao beans for 25 years.
Hershey's produces over 80 million chocolate kisses every day.
Chocolate Love
Chocolate is high in antioxidants and is actually really good for you.
Different Types of Chocolate
White chocolate contains
cocoa butter,milk solids,sugar,lecithin and flavorings(usually including vanilla).
There are many different types of chocolate such as unsweetened, milk,dark,white,semisweet,bitter-sweet,and compound.
There are only 2 movies about chocolate: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Movies Made About Chocolate
Coldstone Chocolate Devotion
The Coldstone Creamery "Chocolate Devotion" contains chocolate ice-cream,chocolate chips,brownie pieces,and fudge.
Chocolate Manufacturers
According to research by Tulane University, 1.8 milion children ages 5 to 17 were forced laborers on cocoa farms across the Ivory Coast and Ghana.
Chocolate Cake
The first chocolate cake was baked in 1674 which started the popular pastime of eating chocolate.
What is Chocolate?
Lots of Chocolate
Cadbury Chocolate Bars
Cadbury makes 600,000 chocolate bars a year.
Mint Chocolate
Mint chocolate is a variety of mint that has hints of chocolate in both fragrance and flavor.
Chocolate world is considered the "sweetest" attraction in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It has a tour that you can go on and you can make your own chocolate bar, watch a 4D mystery movie, get free candy, and many more things.
Chocolate World
The first chocolate bar was made by a company by the name of Fry and Sons in 1847.
Who Made the First Chocolate Bar?
The first chocolate bar was made in Union Street, Bristol, England.
Where was the First Bar of Chocolate Made?
The first heart shaped chocolate bar was made by Richard Cadbury.
Who made the First Heart Shaped Chocolate Bar?
The word chocolate comes from the Mayan word xocolatl, which means bitter water.
What is Another Meaning for Chocolate?
Commercial Chocolate
Chocolate that is seen on commercials usually contains such low amounts of cacao that it is more likely the sugar that chocolate lovers are addicted to.
Chocolate has evolved in such a massive industry that almost 50 people depend on it for their livelihood.
Chocolate Industry
Belgium Chocolate
Belgium produces 172,000 tons of chocolate per year.
Columbus is believed to be the first to bring cocoa beans to Europe. He discovered them on his fourth visit to the "New World" between 1502 and 1504.
The End!
Hot Chocolate
Until the 19th Century, hot chocolate was used as a medicine to treat sicknesses such as stomach diseases.
National White Chocolate Day
National White Chocolate Day is September 22nd.
How are White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Different?
White chocolate and dark chocolate are different because white chocolate is made of very little or no cocoa oil and ground cocoa seeds and dark chocolate contains a lot.
How is White Chocolate made?
White chocolate is made just like regular chocolate but with a different amount of sodium.
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