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Education in the 1700's

No description

Lyndsey Sneed

on 31 August 2010

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Transcript of Education in the 1700's

Education in the 1700's
Early 1700's There were very few schools Schools were segregrated
by racial issues as well Southern Schools
Southern schools were scattered
Some children could not attend school because they did not have schools in thier areas. Schools were mainly created
for college and religion.
(Harvard and Yale) Wealthy society were some of the only people to attend school. Some of the first elementary schools were taught by women in their homes
No desks
No Maps
(Day care for the colonial world) Laws of Education Children were required
to be educated but it did not have to
be public. One grammer school was allowed
to towns with 100 families. Those who opposed the
law were subject to a fine. It was law that all children be
reading and writing by the age of 12. Types of schools Available Homeschooling Friends public school Town schools Small private schools and elentarys Teaching Requirements Teachers mainly had to be
women with little exception. Schooling was not required;
children were required to be educated though. Discipline Famous teachers Isac Newton Teaching salary was bare minimum Vanessa Castillo, Lyndsey Sneed, and Johanna Maza Education requirements were reading and writing Salaries are unknown Discipline was by teacher knowledge Paddles Flat wood
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